Matai gentleman deer and birds Polk / hardcover collection of the wooden box limited edition set

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Matai gentleman deer and birds Polk / hardcover collection of the wooden box limited edition set


Matai gentleman deer and birds Polk / Deer Gentleman Matai and Bird Polk Matai deer gentleman, is a specimen, which are the envy of every day in the air free of bird Polk, Polk every day to Matai antlers, and it is interesting talking outside world, but gradually Matai admiration turned into envy, but also a day from happy expression slowly turned into another appearance. Words from the Artist: As we envy other people's lives and freedom, this can not change the sense of powerlessness, so that each person is like a gentleman, like deer can not leave this community rules, how to have the courage to improper specimen society, just like a bird to become free I think it is only our hearts to know the answer. Creative little secret: Actually gentleman deer Matai, just a sheep like deer, antlers removed after you put a little further to see if he would check into this visual trick sleep. Why have such a creative concept in there? We want to tell you that we too often see only the surface of one thing or some overview, it is easy to judge these people do things, easily judge others, such things happen again and again, it will only make more and more misunderstanding . Food items: home decoration / wall art decor Size: 350 (L) X 225 (width) X 135 (. High thickness) mm Without antlers 285 (L) X 225 (W) Weight: 2.1 to 2.3 kg Material: Poly / powder Origin: Taiwan Goods for the hand-painted, although white, in fact, is beige and white, 2 color To do to deal with different color shading surface for detail work, so each one has a slightly different But this is also part of our intention to emphasize treatment, I hope you will like it. Installation Instructions: If you want to hang on the wall hanging, we recommend using heavy resistance not be less than 2.5 kg, the nail installation Contents: commodity body, collectable wooden box, limited certificate, cotton protective pouch The limited number of 300 groups of commodities, certificates are product number. PS: This product does not contain photographs Desktop Stand Product assembly instructions Goods are two of our couples to live together in a small interesting, After hair to hair and sculpture made by hand want to create. Focus on the details of the requirements, but also to keep the work interesting. We use a variety of materials to create sculptures original model, such as carved oil soil Or smooth powder to clay and plaster sculpture For details and stories in each section of the work are our most important Brand Name: together together home life together by a couple living together crafted brand, from everyday living environment, and we spent together Life items begin to develop a wide range of interesting products multi-material mix and match styles, decorate our lives. World is big, we care about but never a small thing, but also because these delicate emotions, creating a people distinct style. The world is big, but there are tiny things we always care for. It is these delicate feelings that shape our tastes and make us different. brand introduction: Life in all kinds of household items and fun decorations, we are developing innovative goals. We hope that our goods to make life more wonderful fun filled, We become good partners in life to grow together, have become part of life decorative landscaping. Brand Story We hope that the creation of goods and people can grow together, happy together, sadness together, so named for together together. The brand name above, there is an interesting point of wonderful English words together, We will disassemble it to get her, to suggest [getting her] meaning, Hope everyone can have her favorite.


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