Wild Honey (red light flower honey) 55g * 4


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    We are raising wild bees in Keelung mountain Friends of gnats, wild bees because the wild is very strong, and relatively small harvest of honey only relatively small, it is generally beekeepers raise bees are Italian (Western bee), but why do we insist on raising wild Bees? Because Su father knows a lot out fake honey, there are many beekeepers bees are fed sugar water and produce honey to eat, eat honey for their own home, so I decided to raise their own bees, but why choose to keep bees do?
    Su father found wild bees, because the viability of strong, do not need to feed sugar water (except in winter field have not been spent, only need to feed it, but in winter we do not collect honey, just let the bees do not starve to death), while other beekeepers Italian bees raised, only relatively large, more nectar, but often need to feed sugar water, so we decided to keep wild bees
    Su father to the mountains catch bees, hives into their own, so a raise for 40 years, and now is still the same year, received two weeks of honey (mid-June to the end of June), the number is still small, but enough to eat at home There surplus in the past are relatives and friends to the mountains to buy, in 2012 began selling in the network, as well as follow & quot; Mr. Yang Rumen & quot; 248 agriculture bazaar to bazaar to sell limited quantities, this year sold out and so on for next year

    Our honey is reared in the mountains of northern Taiwan Keelung Taiwan wild bees collected "single product honey." Unique red light northern spring flower, the mountain was open, and a small white spent spring exudes its own unique rich fragrance, a single product honey, now in the world of gourmet circles are popular, our unique northern Taiwan red light flower single product honey is rare, because the harvest only once a year, insists in the spring when the harvest of wild bees purest honey, the number of rare, unique aroma, gentle personality, but also with wild tone

    Photos in the last one is that we ask Ilan University Professor Chen Yuwen laboratory with sophisticated testing equipment Taiwan's most stable isotope carbon-13 test report, our detection 値 is in the range of 100% pure honey

    ◆ with milk, tea, yogurt, or a variety of desserts, ice cream to enjoy together, can also be applied when the bread or biscuits sauce is full aroma

    / Size, size, size, weight /
    55g ± 5% * 4
    Nutrition Facts: per 100 grams
    Heat 327 kcal
    0.2 grams protein
    0.5 grams fat
    Saturated fatty acids 0 grams
    0 grams of trans fatty acids
    80.5 grams carbohydrate
    0.3 mg sodium

    / Material /
    Wild bees collected nectar red light

    / Operate and maintain /
    Please keep in a dry, cool place
    Pure honey as under low temperature will be white crystals (called winter honey on the market), as long as the honey jar in warm water 60 degrees, the honey will restore the original look
    Once the product after opening, will not accept returns

    ◆ Note:
    . This product is fresh, I should be grateful if you have any problem within one day of receipt of merchandise by contacting us.
    . Warranty coverage: New flaws, please complete and retain the integrity of the carton and commodities portfolio.

    / Origin /
    Keelung, Taiwan

    Origin / manufacturing methods
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Wild Honey (red light flower honey) 55g * 4





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