"Girls series" mini pearl bracelet fine lace flowers

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"Girls series" mini pearl bracelet fine lace flowers


**[Product Code]**NKG15P1203

**[Commodity story]**
Mini lace flower embellishment to make a clean color, even more pure.
Pure white skin, the girls together as goodwill.

**[Product Information]**
**☑ Custom Size - containing less than the total length of buckle (comprising) 18.5 cm**
Please single fastener containing the desired total length of notes (cm) ☞ below. Dimensions provided must contain a space reserved, please do not provide hands around the size of Oh! There is a problem on the size please contact us.

**☑ Custom Size - exceeds the total length of 18.5cm buckle comprising**
☞ go to these stores plus a separate purchase (for an additional charge a range NT.30-60), plus former single purchase, please contact us, Thank you!

**▲ chain color**

**▲ chain width**
About 0.12 cm

**▲ Material**
☑ Swarovski crystal pearl
☑ K gold plated copper / gold-plated copper (Gold Plated)
☞**"on Gold Plated Material"**
For the loss of jewelry, can not be restored. The coating will be according to personal habits and conditions to produce varying degree of wear and oxidation, color retention period length varies, from a few days to a few years are likely. Should not be wearing a sleeping, bathing, swimming, hot springs, maintenance makeup and other chemicals, also avoid contact. If you can not accept the material properties, please do not purchase orders.

**▲ packaging**
☑ general package (basic beautiful / convenience Collection)
Unless otherwise additional purchase of goods upgrade package, after the mining is placed within the same simple independent packing boxes (bags), if completely dispensed at a single time needs please note.

☑ Advanced Box (beautiful gifts / Basic Collection)
If demand can purchase additional upgrade ☞ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1xLDlBvR?category=3
Whether additional purchase products apply the upgrade, please refer to the above described coupling can be interrogated within a store or station, thank you.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
**[days]**under ☞ single before please read the number of days goods. Is urgent or have any questions about the shipping time of trouble within the letter of the station please contact us. Order before informing or notes is urgent, will not be accepted Oh!

**▲ commodity production**
Product Design Museum are all custom orders, began to calculate the number of working days after payment has been made (the next day after payment has been calculated for the first working day).
Handmade goods, the number of days will depend on the production status of orders varies, generally takes about waiting 7-10 working days (excluding holidays, national holidays and shipping time), the actual shipping time based.

**▲ delivery of goods**
**☑ Taiwan Delivery Time**
Registered mail about 1-2 days, 2-3 days about President Chain Store to pick up in some areas farther 3-5 days may be served. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)

**☑ Africa and Taiwan region delivery time**
At**China Post registered airmail POST**send (can not keep track of the status of goods), depending on the destination, shipping it different number of working days, after generally sent about 10--14 business days for delivery (excluding Saturday and Sunday and national holidays).

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
**[Note]**make sure ☞ Note before purchase, all goods are all customized to order merchandise, does not provide services Returns and Exchanges, in order to avoid future disputes, then make sure to accept purchase orders.

**▲ orders before**
☑ Design Hall mostly commodity can not afford to pull a small, pre-orders please assess their own habits. Meanwhile**Please understand the situation of loss of material goods you have ordered in the future that may occur**, determine acceptable to buy.

☑ If the goods are delivered in flawless, non-original condition when delivery occurs by wear after use, processing takes to repair, and charge a fee depending on the situation and postage.

☑ Ruoyu very select guests with customized size, please use the station within bother letter to contact us. And please be sure where the next single notes fill your needs custom size (cm) (size includes reserved space), if not fill in time will lead to delayed product shipment.

☑ have any questions or would we pay more attention to the matter, please do not direct orders posted on the remarks column order, we can not know the items that you want to convey in the first time, trouble please use internal mail to contact us.

☑ for VIP whether the goods would cause allergy concerns, please do not purchase orders, because each person allergic to different conditions, there is no way to measure.

☑ sent overseas guests, please pay more attention when orders you fill shipping address is correct, that the name is consistent with the passport or identity card, there can not be the case if the recipient of the information sent and the need to modify recipient , in addition to the need to wait for correct file sent overseas, we will charge a fee ranging from NT.50-100 yuan (including postage file).

**After receipt of goods ▲**
☑ There are concerns about the size of the defect or if after receipt of goods, please propose within 7 days after receipt, beyond the 7th can not be accepted, as will help you repair goods for further processing, and charge a fee and subject to availability postage.

☑ After goods sent, if the issues fill out the information is incomplete or incorrect, or personal reasons but also lead to a pickup was unable to return, be required to pay the freight re-sent. If the station in Canon and other letters or newsletters way not to get in touch with you, we'll save a month overdue live custodial responsibility.

☑ Design Museum are all customized merchandise ordered, no other sizes are available to replace, in addition to part-time supplies of goods, can be modified, if not negligence on our production (within the permissible error), the need to pay postage back and forth and materials fee.

**▲ on the product itself**
☑ arrangement
Goods can slightly adjust the length according to the arrangement. Designers ratio adjusting arrangement of claim reserved commodity.

☑ presentation
When the event or part of the material out of a small part of the adjustment parts, if not overly affect the appearance presented without prior notice, the right to adjust the designer small parts reserved.

☑ length
Since the handmade product rests may also be due to an error on each measurement ruler and in different ways, but there are dimensional errors (within ± 0.5 cm), a length dimension when ordering is provided for reference only.

☑ natural stone flaw
Each pearl, natural stone color shades and textures are different, there will be some small cracks or impurities, and other small flaws, there is no way like artificial pearls, precious stones as perfect. There will be irregular situation on the size and shape of natural stone, there is no way to 100% in line with product images. If you can not accept the above please do not purchase orders.

☑ hand-made signs
Because of finished goods are handmade so there may be a hand-made signs (such as knots or asymmetric situation, etc.) there is no way the same as perfect as machines, please careful consideration.

☑ color
All product images are possible because of the shooting light or different PC screen brightness and other factors have a situation chromatic aberration. Different batches of goods in color may be a slight gap.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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