Open key ring - small - Optional color

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Open key ring - small - Optional color


▲▲ Product Description - open key ring - small - Optional color ▲▲
Open a new year.
We find the key to his own home.

** ((When ordering, please fill in the remarks column - 1. color card / 2. Direct encoding / 3. hypotenuse)) **
** ((Like image A Turkey green monochrome)) **

** ((When ordering, please fill in the remarks column - 1. color card / 2. Direct encoding / 3. hypotenuse)) **
** ((Like image A Turkey green monochrome)) **

@ Finished Size: Large - circles 4 cm - leaves 3 * 1 cm
                      .4 Komagari buckle with 2 large (for increasing the number - Please inform would otherwise prices quoted)

@ Cable Accessories - using wax rope Taiwan (outer wrap wax - which is cotton rope material).
                 Taiwan accessories. (Leaf of vintage silver - have blackish is normal oh)

@ Number of Units -1. Price 200 yuan

@ Figure 1 shows the front / Figure II for the color card and weave.

@ Is not recommended for prolonged touch the water. Prolonged contact with the water situation will slightly fade hair wax line change.
If you accidentally wet. Do not rub squeeze.
Please send surface moisture dry. Stand for natural dry.

@ Before ordering. - If you have any questions, please contact the designer asks click! Oh thank you!

@ The same reply to question orders: 20:00 to 22:00 Oh.

@ Computer how much color there will be errors. Commodity according to the actual product.

▲▲ shipping (post office):
* Saturday, Sunday, most of the post office break - small kite Saturday, Sunday can not send goods.
* General registered parcel ((post office)) - can not be specified delivery time.
* After sending about 2-4 genius will receive the package - shall be in accordance with the situation of post offices - please note Oh.
* When the post office delivery - if no receiving parcels - to ask the buyer to carry identity cards and stamp their own parcels to the post office.
* If you are not at home or inconvenient parcels sent home - a small kite would recommend buyers choose the family convenience stores (shop to shop to pick up).

▲▲ Shipping (family convenience stores - store to store):
* After about two days will be sent to the designated convenience stores (not included - a non-24-hour convenience stores - wait time will be longer).
* Notification will take newsletter - buyer (I) carrying an identity card and tell the clerk your name stores can be sure to receive the goods within six days...
* The package because none had the time to pick up convenience stores to small kite will return the goods to the buyer & quot;.. And then & quot; pay the second shipping costs 60 yuan.
(Case of going abroad or travel issues and other factors - just miss pick six days time, please leave a message to inform small kite - Commodity delay time will be sent)

▲▲ shop to shop to pick up - Refers have paid the - go Chain Store Pickup)
** ((((((((((((((((((No cash on delivery))))))))))))))) **


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マレーシアUS$ 8.50US$ 1.02
中国US$ 8.50US$ 0.34
日本US$ 8.50US$ 1.02
香港US$ 4.08US$ 0.17
その他の国・地域US$ 8.50US$ 1.70


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