OSICHEF Ou Shi Kitchen Extreme Soup Pot (24cm)

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The most beautiful and degenerate appearance of the beautiful pot emphasizes functionalism and is the minimalist aesthet


OSICHEF Ou Shi Kitchen Extreme Soup Pot (24cm)


Actuarial technology, thick-bottom design, even and fast heating
The most beautiful and degenerate appearance of the beautiful pot emphasizes functionalism and is the minimalist aesthetic of modern design. Using a precise pot bottom making process, a layer of aluminum with excellent thermal conductivity is sandwiched at the bottom of the top stainless steel body to make it more energy-efficient and time-saving, and the body is not easily deformed. The operation is simple, convenient, economical and affordable. It is the most cost-effective model of modern life.

Easy to use
Induction cooker, gas stove dual-use, convenient to cook quickly do not pick the furnace.

Three-layer composite pot bottom design
1. The full range of the extremely pot pot group, using the industry's highest grade 304 stainless steel, the quality of Seiko is unparalleled!
2. The design of the thick pot bottom, the aluminum layer can quickly conduct heat to the body of the pot, so that the food is evenly heated, which can effectively shorten the cooking time and save gas.
3. Precision forged pot handles, pot ears, handles, and the joints of the pot are precisely welded, no extra screws, visually minimalist; no plastic and heterogeneous materials, all metal design gives you the most peace of mind experience .

The pot is not physically viscous
1. Wipe off excess water inside and outside the pan and pour cooking oil into the pan.
2. Heat the medium heat slowly for about 120 seconds.
3. When the heat rises and feels hot, or when there is oil on the oil surface, turn it into a small fire and put the food in the pan.

Stainless steel pot with a secret decontamination
1. When the pot is cleaned, it can be easily removed by oil. Add a little dishwashing detergent and wipe it with a non-woven cloth to remove excess grease easily and effortlessly. Do not continue to flush the cold water with the tap to avoid the temperature of the cooling pot and not easy to clean.
2. In order to avoid fire damage caused by fire in the pot, please completely dry the oil or water outside the pot before the fire, remember not to "fire" (the fire is beyond the bottom of the pot is a big fire)!
3. To avoid scratching the pot, use a newspaper to make a paper ball instead of a melon cloth for cleaning, then rinse off with water.
4. When the stainless steel pot is dry, it will produce iridescent color. This is the physical property of stainless steel, which is safe for human body. It can be easily removed by neutral detergent with non-woven cloth or newspaper.
5. Stainless steel products are stable in nature and will not turn yellow or black over time. However, when the body is attached to oil, it will produce yellow or black dirt when it is dried. In this case, please use a small fire to heat the pot, then wipe it with a thick fiber of wet melon cloth.

Product specifications
Very beautiful pot / stockpot / diameter 24cm height 12.5cm capacity: 5L

This warranty does not cover damage caused by human accidents, misuse, accidents or transportation.
This warranty does not cover faults and damage caused by collisions, drops, dry burns, etc.
This warranty does not cover damage caused by fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
The above accidents lead to damage to parts such as the lid or handlebar. Ou Xi Kitchen provides you with repair or replacement services at a fee.

If there are any quality problems within 7 days, please return to the store or contact the distributor to replace the new product with the complete package and purchase receipt data.

Origin / manufacturing methods


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