Valentine's Day Gift Customized Signature Fortune Cookie Variety Taste Optional Hardcover Gift Box

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#2018/12/1-12/28Order or designated delivery, all changed to milk taste, other flavors are suspended. TIFFANY gift box is very beautiful overall, the number of fortune cookies is also very large, it is suitable for giving you the most precious people. Expr


Valentine's Day Gift Customized Signature Fortune Cookie Variety Taste Optional Hardcover Gift Box


**can order now and specify the date of arrival. The number is limited. Please pre-order ~**can specify the date of arrival so that you can no longer forget to prepare gifts due to your busy schedule.

Long-awaited TIFFANY Gift Box Customized Signature
You can carefully design 18 blessings to give you the most cherished person.
Imagine the relatives and friends who received the gift, holding a gift box,
Slowly untie the soft ribbon and see the full of fortune cookies.
Very happy to guess which biscuit to take,
Holding the first fortune cookie in my hand, the expression is full of expectation and surprise
And you will receive the most joyful laughter from the other side.

[Customized signature value]
Content that will be thankful, encouraged, and praised, and the other party will be randomly selected through signing.
Get the taste of joy, warmth and crispy biscuits,
Create a better relationship for yourself and bring happiness to others.

[lucky cake value FORTUNE COOKIE VALUE]
When you fold the fortune cookie by hand
Will find a note
The text inside will surprise you.
Happiness, inspiration, confidence and positive energy
Let you create one for yourself
Suitable for lucky environment
I believe that you will definitely do it!

**[Introduction to Customized Signature]**
Everyday fortune cake lets you express your true affection to your friends and relatives.
Lucky Pass can design the signature content according to your creative ingenuity.
Create more surprises for others and bring full happiness.

1. A box of fortune cookies has 18 fortune cookies, which means you can design 18 different signatures. If you buy 2 boxes, you can design 36 models, and so on.
2. The number of signatures is recommended to be within 40 characters. You can use the language of each country and design your own graphics.
3. The content of the signature can use the "contact designer" function of the product page to transmit the electronic signature or leave your e-mail address.
4, the signature can be hand-painted 喔!
5, we will fully cooperate with your creativity to make this gift more your style!

Hand-painted entity tag

*[Signature version selection]**

数量 Quantity: A box of 18 in, including hardcover gift boxes and the same bag, each fortune cake has a separate bag, designed by QUOTES every day fortune team, the bag material is made in Taiwan, the back of the bag is printed The warning language reminds the consumer not to eat the lucky sign, avoiding the friends and relatives who receive the gift and eating the label you designed!

食用 Edible reminder: Fortune cookie FORTUNE COOKIE has a signature, please do not eat

♥ Fortune cookie size: about 6-7cm after the biscuit is formed, non-small size biscuits

签 Signature paper: printed on safe and qualified food grade paper, free of fluorescent agent, and the signature is randomly placed in the biscuit.

赏 Appreciation period: no preservatives are added. It is recommended to be eaten within one week. It can be stored for two weeks. There is no store sales, only orders are made, so there will be no inventory sales, and sales on the Internet will be freshly produced. Delicious tasting

制作 Production principle: Taiwan is made by hand on the ground, it is more crispy than other production methods, the taste is natural, and the amount of sugar is halved.

口味 Taste: milk, chocolate, matcha, banana, strawberry, yew chiff coffee, black whirlwind chocolate, sweet potato, pirin spring tea, gold cheese, a variety of flavors, the same taste per box

成分 Ingredients: Hand baking, eggs, sugar, flour, oil, milk powder, cocoa powder, matcha powder, strawberry powder, coffee powder, tea powder, sweet potato powder, cheese powder, spices (yellow color No. 4), banana

[product shipment time]
The goods will be shipped within 5 working days after the checkout is completed and the contents of the signature are confirmed. The delivery time is 3-4 days.
For special timeliness, please contact me, thank you

[Commodity Shipment Packaging Commitment]

[Professional fast production team]
We focus on the production and taste development of the fortune cookie FORTUNE COOKIE, and develop the most fortune lucky fortune team. We will not develop other products and quickly provide customers-only fortune cookies, whether it is birthday gifts, wedding gifts and corporate marketing activities. Can play the key to impress people
The first one focuses on the production of lucky fortune cookies. The cooperation between the top 100 companies and the boutique industry is based on the diversified taste and customized signature design. The rapid production and intimate service are the basics.

Everyday fortune cookie originates from the founder’s passion for life and the infinite dream of the future.
Transforming into an inspiring action plan,
Everyday fortune cookies invite everyone to embrace the beauty of life and hold on to every day of happiness.

【Service Introduction】
We specialize in the production and taste development of the fortune cookie FORTUNE COOKIE
Every lucky cookie can bring you good luck, custom signature, diversified taste, delicious and delicious.
Wedding gifts, moonlight, Valentine's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, year-end tails, Mother's Day gifts, birthday gifts,
New Year congratulations, party games, corporate events and public relations marketing, providing exclusive planning,
Create more surprises and bring full happiness

[Past service customers]
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Breguet Watch, Eslite Life, BMW Jude, Taishin Bank, Taishin Art Gold Club, DBS Bank, Pacific Sogo Department Store, Ai Play World, Luxasia Taiwan. Taiwan Luya, NISSAN Yuxin Auto, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Ambrose, Hong Kong Business Ditis Digital Cinema System DTS, China University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Sports Management Association, ..........


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