Minimal primary color yak leather handmade passport holder

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The thick and stiff design has a strong sense of presence. Tickets, airport information or maps can be placed at the mez


Minimal primary color yak leather handmade passport holder


* If you are looking for other colors or styles, please visit the Bluecat Design Pavilion: [Recommendations] The Bluecat Passport Holder is designed to hold the passport on both sides of the pocket and keep the passport secure. Therefore, when taking it, it is recommended to hold the sides of the pocket with one hand and take it out with the other hand. When you put it, put your pocket in and put it in, it will be easier to take. It is not recommended to press your finger on your pocket and increase the resistance after applying force. This is a bad posture to take. [size] 15 x 10 x 1.5 cm [Material] 真皮 Leather vegetable tanned leather (Europe) [free project] 精美 Beautiful packaging ╳ Capitalized English letters and digital printing services, within 10 letters, the word height is 0.3cm. [Material characteristics] The vegetable tanned leather is the original appearance of the leather and retains the traces of the animal's survival, so each piece will not be the same. The vegetable tanned leather will gradually turn dark after sunshine, which is a natural phenomenon and a charm. After continuous use, the grease produced by the human touch will produce a natural luster on the surface of the leather, which will result in a personalized leather appearance due to the experience of the person's use, and is also a process of "cultivating the skin". Basically, as long as the leather is free from moisture, it will not change for a period of more than 100 years. Weekday maintenance varies from person to person, and regular use is a kind of maintenance. However, if you feel that the leather is dry, you can buy a commercially available maintenance oil and wipe it with a cotton cloth. Bluecat vegetable tanned leather products are treated with water repellent treatment. If you accidentally get water droplets, you should wipe it as soon as possible to avoid penetration. *Compared before and after sun exposure: [Remarks] 建议 It is recommended to store one passport. If there is a need to place a Taiwanese certificate to and from the mainland, it is recommended to replace the new card type Taiwan compatriot certificate. It is more convenient to carry and store. 欢迎 If you have other dyeing needs, please feel free to contact us. ╳ The product will have a cognitive difference in color due to the difference in each display device, and you need to know before purchasing. 若 If the printed letters on the product map only indicate the printing effect, you can define the print content and position by yourself. ╳ Due to our brand factors, we do not agree to cancel the brand logo. ╳ If you have any special needs, please communicate with us before placing an order. // Handmade Leather & Design by Bluecat studio / Made in Taiwan // ※※ Still want to visit? Welcome to the lovely Bluecat Cuties ※※


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