Chu dye Letters (small) - Cocoa beauty

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Chu dye Letters (small) - Cocoa beauty


/ Commodity Description and story /
Chu dyed paper cover uses, is the accidental combination of paper master professional techniques with artists design aesthetic. Each dyed paper mulberry paper at least by six master hand papermaking, capturing natural plant fiber and plant extracts to be disseminated, and then after five complicated steps to create. Letters written in the pages of rice paper Pen use for no extra lines or verbose grid designed to allow you to record thoughts and not caught carrying limit. With mulberry fiber special texture, different habits, will leave different traces: Letters not only for you to record, but will remember. We firmly believe that this is the only handmade patience can bring infinite vitality.

/ Size /
About 17x12.5x1.2cm

/ Material /
Cover: Chu dyed paper, pages: Sea Moon Vision

/ Notes /
Cover for manual paper production, each of the texture slightly different, depending on the actual product shall prevail.

/ Designer and brand profile /
Sometimes, people need to go back a short way, only better understand how to continue to move forward.

This time, the tree fire once again back home in Puli, Taiwan paper manufacturer --- oldest handmade paper mills; again close to his mother after fifty-five summer and winter temperature.

"So mundane paper, touched fifty-five years it will not be tired? One by one to do, how and machinery to compete? "We asked.
Grandfather stopped immersed in papermaking vessel in hands, turned and smiled, hands still stained with a pinch of pulp. "Things right, do not use a hundred years out of date; methods, and spend a hundred times worth the time to do it. "
The simple answer, we hear the wisdom of years to sort it out and emotion, but also a tree fire continued between traditional craft and contemporary design drawing a line in the detail to make life experience, grow your own.

Seemingly chance encounter, careful observation of the moment to stop and re-reflection "Good Life" attitude.
"Tree Fire good life," I will stop and you talk about design, if it is too far away from life.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan's production of handmade


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