Blue Reindeer natural orange jasmine deodorant antibacterial scouring fine

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Blue Reindeer natural orange jasmine deodorant antibacterial scouring fine


feature of product
Exclusive potent natural deodorant formula
Jasmine Orange oil added, the complete decomposition odor
Efficient cypress dew antibacterial deodorizing effect makes long-term sustained
Mao was essential oil fragrance effectively relieve the baby's mood

Natural environmental protection without adding
More than 95% of the ingredients extracted from natural
Formulations having biological decomposition of more than 99%
Non-irritating and chemical substances, so the skin does not cause irritation
No pollution, no chemical residue
Full range of natural cypress wood extract water substituted for the deployment

Product desciption
Everyone loves baby hair who has a fresh scent! Blue Reindeer secret is the use of high concentrations of cypress wood exposed body to eliminate unpleasant odors baby hair because the bacteria formed, jasmine and citrus let the kids carry with fresh sun-like aroma. Long sustained antibacterial formula to form the antimicrobial shield. Blue Reindeer let kids hair exudes star-like charm.

Taiwan cypress
Taiwan cypress grow slowly so that the high density of wood all over the world for the best (the world's first seven juniper wood).
Confirmed by the Council of Agriculture Research, natural anti-mildew rate of 90%. Taiwan cypress wood alcohol containing B-thujaplicin component, after 48 hours in an atmosphere of 81% smoked sterilization deodorant.
Taiwan cypress wood alcohol containing anti-cancer ingredients (Okayama University, Japan is Lee, MD, 1989.6.22) Taiwan cypress wood alcohol to inhibit Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has the surprising effect of public terror "bacteria exist in the human body skin, respiratory tract, causing sepsis, peritonitis, cystitis, food poisoning and pus boils and other skin infections. " (Japanese National Pediatric Hospital, rice warehouse Yoji president, 1993.9.15)
Beauty skin will be attached to the golden aureus, medical staff but also to cognitive prevention, the general public needs to have this body to recognize, determine the effect of Taiwan cypress wood alcohol. (Japan's Jikei Medical University, Matsunaga a PhD)
Taiwan cypress wood alcohol for acne, prickly heat, diaper rash, bed sores, rashes, treatment sebum secretion, accelerate metabolism, itching, convergence wounds, with efficacy (Encyclopedia Britannica, Dr. Yoshinaga Tetsuo)
Taiwan cypress wood alcohol can kill airborne bacteria, mold, prevent pests human body, inhibit human pathogens (Dr Soviet Union, Toknh)
Taiwan cypress wood alcohol can stimulate the central nervous system, regulate the autonomic nervous system, calm nerves and other effects, to prevent fatigue
Taiwan cypress wood alcohol to prevent measles virus infection.
Taiwan cypress wood alcohol on the wet cold, backache, back pain and other significant help (Compendium of Materia Medica)
Cineole ingredients Taiwan cypress wood alcohol available physiological care disinfectant, kill trichomoniasis, mold, prevent vaginal itching and infection protective agent. (BPTokin)
Taiwan cypress wood alcohol rival Piyang, dermatitis, skin allergies, athlete's foot with a sterilization antipruritic effect. (Dr.Schilcher 1985)

Capacity: one gallon 4kg
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan's production of European design


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