And the wind purple plus version of the popular chopsticks straw general tableware bags

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And the wind purple plus version of the popular chopsticks straw general tableware bags


Love the earth. Love the Taiwan industry. Environmental awareness tableware peripheral series

To love the heart of love the earth, we started in this piece of land started
Combined with the concept of flower rabbit design 'design' hand chopsticks sets / tableware package
No use of toxic health chopsticks / no-clean chopsticks, bags put double natural chopsticks!

Cloth lining will not be soft lying lying, there is a certain level of protection, pocket buckle more convenient to use
You can put 25 cm below the chopsticks, spoons, fork, fruit dessert spoon ... and so on
Go out to eat, to help the other half to prepare a pair of environmental protection chopsticks, one pair, more intimate
When a person goes to work or class, they can also be used for brunch or lunch and dinner
Of course, can also place the whole family of environmental chopsticks or a variety of environmentally friendly straw

Chopsticks set to keep clean to always clean, table cloth are easy to clean 'easy to dry cotton cloth / yarn sewing
Each piece of cloth flower rabbit has a water wash test

Waterproof anti-Pa cloth all inside, well dirty cleaning!
Get dirty immediately with a paper towel is very clean,
Is the flower rabbit years ago for the wind when the concept of tableware,
And then a lot of hands-on people to follow the good design.
Interested friends can go to the blog to search for design content!

**This product is sold only cloth roll chopsticks cover body, do not contain other tableware, do not ask again!**

Hope that we can bit by bit for the environmental protection effort, good health ~

[Size] about 26 * 9 cm
(If you are worried that will not be used, please inform the flower rabbit to inform your tableware size, flower rabbit will help you actually measure!)

【Material and Washing Suggestions】 Pure cotton cloth / yarn / cotton / cotton linen. Waterproof anti-Pa cloth. Plastic buckle

Daily wipes can be wiped with wipes / scrub chopsticks, and wiped chopsticks with toilet paper, into the chopsticks sets
Usually if you feel that the block inside the taste or wet, wipes can be wiped, flattened (inside the quick-drying material) dry after the volume up
If the chopsticks after cleaning into the chopsticks sets can not wash every day
If the table cloth serious dirt, neutral detergent can be used or hand soap hand wash

[Flower rabbit hand ˙ love the original intention and small exhort]

Manual needle stitching, may be some imperfections
Everyone's screen setting is different, so the product with the screen shows that there may be a slight difference in color depth
Pure handmade, for the color and work and other requirements perfectionist, before you buy
Hand works and love pass is the flower rabbit hand began to sell hand works of the original intention, is willing to let the strength of small bean seedlings to make the world a better


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