Man flowers - white and green lines bridal bouquets customized wedding bouquet of flowers bouquet Continental

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Man flowers - white and green lines bridal bouquets customized wedding bouquet of flowers bouquet Continental


► design The most important moments in life, so diffuse flowers for your bouquet and boutonniere making exclusive. We attach importance to u look forward to a lifetime wedding, Not just her bouquet in hand, it is a longing for happiness and joy; We value your life waiting for the bride, Do not just boutonniere in the chest, it is a commitment to responsibility and support. ► Size Pictures of color, style reference, floral mix according to seasonally adjusted Bouquet diameter of about 20-23cm ► bottom branches covered way You can choose your favorite way bouquet cladding, especially if you do not explain, we will automatically match the appropriate coating manner. ► Save mode Please put the shade, avoid hot (ex: car) and direct sunlight environment. Flowers Appreciation period of about 3-5 days, but also because of different floral season, the environment, temperature, sunlight and other factors affecting the number of days to save it. ► Notes 1. flowers, dried flowers are all products of nature, as artificial flowers, inevitably there will be creases or small spots, we will try to eliminate the production, but can not guarantee flawless, if you are very concerned about Do subscript purchase. 2. fresh floral poor often seasonal shortage or quality, if the above situation occurs, will be for you to make adjustments similar items are professionally designed. 3. The photos are real product shot, as well as handmade floral shape, size, attitude is different, so the finished product is not exactly the same way with the commodity of the image, but guaranteed to give your photos the same style and atmosphere and works oh ! 4. The photo wrapping paper, flowers, ribbons and other accessories supplies, while in case of out of stock, will be replaced by an appropriate container or accessories. 5. In order to maintain the quality, do not accept urgent order, a week in advance to complete the ordering process. 6. We are making every serious intentions as merchandise, if you receive the goods are not satisfied, please take a picture with us, so that we can help you the first time. ► Send mode 1. flowers address in Taichung Situn District, Beitun District, Nam Theun, North, Western, Eastern, Southern, more than a single consumer area over 2,000 yuan, personal transport free shipping. 2. The single consumption less than 2,000 yuan, and Taichung counties in other regions and outside, you can choose to store self-created, or we will trade in carton packaging 'low Delivery "approach to send freight a 250 yuan, Delivery can specify arrival time: before noon / afternoon 12-17 / night 17-20. ► provide customized services Ordered to follow different colors, styles demand for the bride's bouquet / groom boutonniere, two weeks in advance, please contact us to discuss. ►about us Man flowers / Hope everyone can live in a better diffuse distribution of flowers, flowers by the vitality, bringing joy and happiness beyond people's minds substance. Chloris / Chloris Greek word meaning with green, so she is regarded as the first sprout of spring flowers, spring flowers newly opened Chloris are considered to be the incarnation of God and the nature of spring. Graphic design background floral designer, there is a strong sensitivity to color, his learned profession, integration into the floral works. And hold a passion for flowers, in the learning process of trial and error and breakthroughs, creating a style different from the traditional floral, hoping to beautiful flowers all over the hearts of everyone. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade


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