Qiaozi Sterling Silver - customized letters & numbers bracelet -15mm Round

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Qiaozi Sterling Silver - customized letters & numbers bracelet -15mm Round


:::::::::::::::: ✤ about**925 Silver - customized letters & numbers bracelet -15mm round**:::::::::::::: ::


nothing much
Is to ROCK


To create a unique worldwide**bracelet**can be anniversaries, birthdays, or English name to tell us, we will help you with your mind chipped in blessing necklace.

Whether to give Ana Da, or buddies sister friend, will be a very special and meaningful gift!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ✚**specifications**:::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::

● Round crashed Size:
Diameter - about 15mm (excluding crashed head circle)
Thickness - about 1.2 mm

● 925 silver chain - chain circle
Chain length: Wrist length + 1.5 to 2 cm**This bracelet for a little hanging crashed sense**
(The above is an example, to follow personal preferences to adjust the length of Yo !!)

● Optional font <word about the size of a high 2mm * Width 1.5mm>
English: A ~ Z (in block capitals)
Digital: 0-9
Symbols: &,**.**, Big dots, hollow dots, stars, hollow stars, crescent, half, flower, triangle pattern, small triangle, triangular
(Word Version & pattern will continue to add Yo ~ ~)

※ chain length and custom fonts in the**message or comments to the designer items**fields marked clearly Yo ~ 3Q ~

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ❤**material**:::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::

925 Silver (Silver, 925 Silver)
Silver chain S925**ITALY**

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::**Origin**::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::

Taiwan small creators hands and a small head melon

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ♞**Ordering Information**:::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::

Since the Little Red. All works, from looking for materials, production, packaging, mailing and so every procedure is done a person slowly, and one by one the intentions are handmade, so this product is about 5 days to 10 days after completion will be sent immediately to help you, this is also please bear with me.
※ If you need gift package at checkout time**messages or comments to the designer items**fields marked "gift" and we will help you package Mimi Oh.
Customized goods need to communicate most of the discussion, so have to wait to confirm the production style before starting a single row of production calculated working Yo (this product is 5 working days to 10 days).
[Special made]
Production methods and degree of difficulty of different commodities are different, the production time will be not the same, ask in advance to discuss Yo!

███ The works**off for the development of commodity**please**note**following ███

★ Be sure to**messages or comments to the designer items**fields required to inform the chain length and custom fonts Yo!
★ chain length Size Remark !! clearly require modification if required after completion of the work charge a fee Gongben material NT.300 yuan Yo> <
★ line with recommendations within five main characters (refers to the diameter at its widest point), for the sake of appearance, it will stay between word spacing Yo. The maximum for a line six words.
<If you want to create or branch location can also be specified layout prior notice>
★ You can also type the back Yo!
★ our part at this stage only in English**capital**.
★ due to manual typing along relations letter spacing, location may be a little error, please bear with me.

<**Order Remarks Examples**>
Total chain length: 17 cm (can also inform**hand around**lets you grab the red dot with the help of Yo length)
Front: small triangular ROCK (center centered)
The stars (lower row centered)
Rear: 2013 (set in the center)
Good storage for personal use <or禮物小提袋>



(**Each work are all handmade and unique, so there will be little error number specifications****>**** <****So much mind a friend! Please consider carefully before orders Yo! * *)

Matou: Wrist about 15cm
Tried length: 17 cm

(Not the same around each hand, try for reference only Madou Yo ~)

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ✚**maintenance tips**:::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::

❖ to avoid collision deformation or abrasion, at the same time try not to wear jewelry with other metals.
❖ Do not soak hot springs, water and chemicals, in order to avoid black sulfide.
❖ After each wear surface can be used to gently wipe the glossy paper, remove moisture and dirt collection in sealed bags to avoid contact with air.
❖ usually can be a little salad off the palm placed gently scrub, then rinse with water and dry with a towel pressed silver water, and finally with a hair dryer can be. (After blowing a hair dryer do not pull hard yet cooling, deformation! And very hot Yo)
❖ Silver is the best care to wear every day, body fat can produce natural Wenrun Guang Ze. (Bath with Yo ~ also ok unless your home is the sulfur springs bath> <)

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ✺**About this Design Hall**::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::

There is Little Red. (Red dot) slowly in my heart sprout
Creative enthusiasm gradually become infinitely large, I want that passion to everyone infected
To share with you, moving together, the joy of laughter, the warmth of each moment
Let everyone LittleRed hearts also began to slowly sprout

Red dot presents hope
Ordinary warm hand for style
Simple yet chic cute
Unique style and creative combination

Hope that their work can infect everyone, so that everyone can have their own Little Red. Red dot
Because this thing is mutual enthusiasm spread of infection, and then little by little to stimulate the accumulation out ~~

Little Red. Red represents the light, enthusiastic, passionate, direction, guidance, simple, pure, moving, warm
Let us find a better life in the small, and the collision of a more beautiful, more wonderful pair of spark ~

Welcome to search and add**Little****Red****.****Red dot**FaceBook Fans

We sometimes appear in holiday**major creative market**stall Oh! If you have friends also want entity can come to us to play fair Yo.
Information about the stall may Follow our**FaceBook****fans**Oh, we will be publicized in advance in the above> 3 <

Thank you to step down a little red dot bow ~ ~

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan (Made In Taiwan) / Handmade


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マカオUS$ 5.12US$ 1.03
その他の国・地域US$ 6.82US$ 1.03


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