Rabbit jumping crawling mats - Happy Jungle

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Rabbit jumping crawling mats - Happy Jungle


** ♥ rabbit jumping crawling mats - Happy Jungle (in Taiwan) ** http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/mats/green500-1.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/mats/green500-3.jpg Product Features ** ** ♥ http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/mats/green500-2.jpg • ease the process: the new EVA environmental protection material, food grade safety standards • Takatsuki detection: No formamide, no plasticizers, no eight heavy metals • thickening thickness: strengthen and improve sound insulation cushion the impact force • Ramp sidebar: thoughtful design to prevent tripping • Big Tooth design: increase the difficulty of the baby into the mouth • Gaomi degree joints: easy card dust, easy to clean ** ** ♥ Products https://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/mpd01.png https://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/mpd02.png ** ♥ product specifications ** https://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/mats/mpd004.jpg https://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/mpd04.jpg Product Certificate ** ** ♥ http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_1.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_2.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_3.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_4.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_5.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_6.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_7.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_8.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_9.jpg http://www.jumpingrabbit.com.tw/layout/images/w/w_10.jpg ** ♥ common Q & amp; A ** ** Q.EVA Material Mats common scenario: ** . ** A ** edge of the depth of color Availability: Due process for the edge of the mat with great felled dyeing, cut the edge strip, so there may be eating a different color degree of status. The sculptured lines cross the mat slip effect with depth (shallow pockets; convex deep), plus edge of dark colors, more of the identified by the naked eye. Mats gap: Rabbit jumping mats belong EVA foam material processes, principles similar bread fermentation. So the foam mats in the manufacturing process, there may be a slight gap (± 1mm), which occurs between the mats or between trim level or slightly uneven seams together. Children above the EVA mats in the normal situation rather than flaws. Rabbit jumping in goods seized process will examine checks, such as the use does not affect the safety and peace of mind principle, does not drop the rabbit jumping mats, to avoid wasting the earth's resources. If you can not accept this could potentially happen, it is recommended not to buy Oh! ** Q. Rabbit jumping pad Meets Taiwanese government regulations? ** ** A. ** Some. For the sake of high security quality, each batch of samples containing rabbit jumping to complete the production of goods are on their own to the government-recognized laboratory testing to ensure that safety standards. Commodity after the completion of the Commodity Inspection Bureau to inform the plant random testing, after close examination so many times and found to comply without formamide Taiwan government regulations, the plasticizer, heavy metal reaction, rabbit jumping will be selling merchandise shelves. ** (Note 1) ** rabbit jumping choose CCIB Taiwan TCC designated laboratory, because TCC out of the Chinese report enables consumers to be clearly understood. ** (Note 2) ** rabbit jumping pad inspection certificate safely, are attached to the description of the product page, the detailed review for consumers. ** Q. Received a new floor mats, what do I do first? ** ** A. ** Please wipe with water, placed in ventilated place to dry naturally after use. Does not recommend the use of detergents containing chemical and disinfection component to avoid possible damage to the pad, and avoid detergents containing chemical and disinfection component remains in the mat so that the baby indirect contact or licking. ** Q. Xindi scented pad Why? ** ** A. ** This is the material from the mat (EVA) own raw material odor. Safety mats rabbit jumping through relevant units are required by the Government of Taiwan, to do more close inspection, confirm the safety approval and issuance of certification, so the smell is not from bad substances. Rabbit jumping product safety checks to ensure that by conscience, please let the baby feel at ease to use. If you are unable to accept any odor safety mats, recommended not to buy. ** ♥ origin / manufacturing methods ** Origin: Taiwan


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