Reason "sometimes writing editorial school" << walked 22 stores >>

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Reason &quot;sometimes writing editorial school&quot; &lt;&lt; walked 22 stores &gt;&gt;


/ Product narrative /

**We can not, we can be together - into the grounds of a shop**
**a map + a small book + a postcard = "22 stores into the grounds."**

We have seen and heard 下 memory, and often is not the same ......

Might have been because the food, because the building space because someone ..... we walked into a shop
Now, we have three groups of people to their favorite grounds, into 22 stores:

**Rationale 1. There WIFI- map "when Freelancer in Hualien"**
Hualien City, a tourist city. However, worker-friendly work for free? What we try to find a suitable mobile work space, only to find, and Free lancer as the original really can not be normalized.

Author / Wang Yuping, any small only, Han Yue spring. Design / Chen Shu Lane

**grounds 2. kitty - magazine "City is not only a human being."**

Hualien some stores conservation stray cats, but some guests will be coming to see the cat. We tried to "cat's point of view" Understanding these stores have a cat elder brothers life.

Author / Huang Mei Xiu, Lianghao Yi, Chen Ying Zhen, Fu group proverb
Design / Chen Shu Lane

**3. grounds with plants -Post Card "to go along with the concept of the plant."**

In the store's garden, read Ikunori subsisting in the plant where the good story, the original story is also about people.

Author / Xie Chengan. Design / Chenyun Wen

-------------------------------------------------- -

/ Product Info /

1. Rationale 1. There WIFI- "When Freelancer in Hualien" x1 Zhang map
2. The grounds 2. kitty - "City not only belong to humanity," this little book X1
3. 3. The grounds with plants - "to go along with the plant concept 'postcard postcard group X5

/ Research Group Introduction /

2014 "writing school" learning by doing works born 2015!

Four months every Tuesday afternoon, "editorial work school" in Hualien. Every gradually added creativity, photography, design, illustration, professional instructor course.

Courses first lesson, the students presented their favorite topic, then vote for the three groups of topics. Hualien City, the main range, into a shop. After questioning jerky, ideas collision, finally have a tacit agreement, each was writing, drawing, photography, recorded together learning by doing footprint.

Four months, the students are constantly in downtown shuttle interview, even if the same went into the shop, but also because of different viewing angles and see different scenery, to share more time with each other. Now, these stories presented in three types (map, small books, postcards):

**We can not, we can be together - invite you to read! Hope you like it!**

Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin / Taiwan


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