Petit Summer Potted Small Summer Petit Summer New Year Gift

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Distressed French grip ironwork Coupled with green bonsai Definitely pleasing scenery



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Petit Summer Potted Small Summer Petit Summer New Year Gift


Distressed French grip ironwork
Coupled with green bonsai
Definitely pleasing scenery

Tub color: white / yellow orange / red / aqua blue

Planting: houseplants, baby tears, bluegrass, bamboo cypress, shan, ivy, reticulate leaves, Lai Lai, Xue Lai, rabbit foot fern, gold Pueraria lobata plants, randomly distributed, if Hope to choose more plants, please write a letter to discuss

Gifts small intimate: provide postcards to write congratulations (also provide blank postcards so that your own mind), or English marking stickers, stickers with adhesive, can be used according to personal preference Oh (ex. Self attached to the basin or card) Marking part of the paper should be all uppercase or lowercase, limited to 20 English letters, if necessary, please note in the order notes column

Planting delivery is not easy, if you receive the goods in question, please contact us, we will serve you

Sunshine: indoor, semi-sunshine, do not let the glare, can be placed in a moderate shade
Water supply: about 1 to 2 days watering once, watering slowly under the tap, to stand flow stage set aside time to be water out

Coal: iron pot / houseplant
Size: 10cm10cm15cm

Shipping rules:
1. Order payment 0 ~ 3 days after shipping, can be specified when the order arrival date.
2. If you have an urgent order, please let us know the date you need before we can help you see whether it can be a smooth ride.
3. If you have inconvenience to receive the time, such as "six days" "continuous holidays" Please place a note when ordering, so delivery is just the time you are inconvenient to pick up the time.

"Delivery", the next day, the logistics staff to deliver to you directly
"Super merchants pick up", the day after tomorrow, to take their own super-business pickup

If you choose "Super Merchants", and then trouble you to pay attention to pick up on time (General Supercomputing SMS notification pickup, the day after tomorrow will usually arrive, if for any reason missed news, advice must be acquired, tracking number tracking Whether the arrival of the day), and on the day of arrival, be sure to take pieces removed and removed planted plants, so as not to plant boring (please note that if the arrival date more than two days, such as: No. 1 arrival, No. 3 to take Or unpacking, we forgive us can not be replaced free of charge, if you need to replace the plant, you have to pay the shipping costs and planting costs), thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Adult, out of society
With my own room, room
Pay attention to the small details of life
Like decorative corner small space
That feeling is like going back to childhood playing house wine
We provide adult playhouse wine materials
Hope that you can find the life you need a small fortunate indeed
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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