India Laoshan sandalwood ornaments - Bodhisattva

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India Laoshan sandalwood ornaments - Bodhisattva


Bodhisattva is one of the most popular folk beliefs China. Ornaments can be hung on the rearview mirror of the car for decoration, or equipped with the body in the bag or as a patron saint, bless yourself or object gifts, there is a deeper meaning. Knitting design with Chinese knot, very Chinese national style, but also by foreigners preferences.
Equipped with front can also get on the incense burner, clockwise around three times for purification, the request gods bless, bless more action and evil Oh!

**Material:**Subject: India Laoshan sandalwood, sandalwood beads, Chinese knot lines, jewelry lines, alloy fittings, red imitation coral beads carved Longevity stained beads.
**size:**Subject: about 6cm width 3.5cm thickness of about 0.7cm
**Necklace Length:**about 22cm
**style:**Chinese knot section, simple rope section, key rings and Yu Shou (another store)
**Note:**(2 photos) to the right of the front of the Bodhisattva image, left for the words on the back.

**Customized matters:**
Not marked with a lanyard and decorative beads, please choose lanyard color, we shipped with the original design.
Decorative beads with lanyard and optionally (see chapter 5 photos)
Decorative beads: There are five kinds of optional: Round long beads, round beads, large round beads, flowers Bianzhu, red beads.
Ornaments Chinese knot rope: There are four colors can be optional: brown, blue, green, red.

*Shipping Note: Please note sent to foreign buyers, the exact postage, please ask good, then buy goods Oh!*

**save and use:**natural wood material was afraid to touch the water or moisture, put a dry place when not in use. Carelessly wet, then dry with a cloth, then placed into a dry ventilated place close up. Use over a period of time you can use a clean surface soft bristle toothbrush, brush lightly scent will come out.

**sandalwood bean knowledge**
Only natural sandalwood in India, Fiji, Australia, the three countries with the capacity of this plant.
In India as a national treasure of trees, mainly produced in the step of the mountains, an altitude of 3,000 feet above the mountains, take a few hundred years old before felling, can distribute permanent natural elegant aroma, but also can be evil, is also a precious carved Buddha Materials and incense major spices. India Laoshan sandalwood is the best sandalwood, not pungent taste milder, while Australia produced a new mountain sandalwood smell more pungent Oh! I myself did not come into contact with sandalwood Fiji, so I do not know how to taste ~ Please search with sandalwood in Baidu Encyclopedia you can query to the relevant information, but also methods of identification Oh!

**attached receipt:**We are unified invoice Free shops, only attach receipts! If it is not attached directly to send a friend a gift receipt, please Remarks Oh!

Origin / manufacturing methods
Timber Origin: India / Laser Manufacturing: Taiwan / Hand knotted design: Taiwan


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