Kimmidoll Love- and love doll pen sad Sha Luo

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Kimmidoll Love- and love doll pen sad Sha Luo


[Doll story]
And love dolls Kimmidoll Love
Australia design team TAG (c The Aird Group.) The latest design series
Derived from traditional Japanese doll kokeshi (Naruko doll) of kimmidoll doll
Behind the unique shape, has a different meaning to life

kimmidoll Love Series
It is for young, fashion, independent girl created the role of personality
They convey the spirit of "love and live! Live to Love! "

"Living like fun, do what you love."
Ruonai (or your friends) are like this girl
Be sure to find u (her) favorite style and attitude and love doll's body
More importantly, access to the youth, love, and be loved power!

[What is kimmidoll?]
kimmidoll origin kokeshi doll in traditional Japanese culture (also called: Naruko dolls), in the 19th century, the northeast region of Japan, kokeshi local farmers in more than slack, the use of forest wood readily available to the children's toy production , in order to convey the love of parents for their children, and pray that God can bring good weather and forest farming harvest for them. Spa tourism in the northeast region in the future prosperity, with strong local color of Kokeshi dolls by tourists of all ages, to friends and family after buying points to share the journey pleasant mood, and communicated with each other and the love and friendship.

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[Kimmidoll love story character]
Sorrow - sad Sha Luo
Like a song symphony bittersweet, or some exciting melody.
Sha Luo could draw sadness? Your mind wanders, swim to another deeper level.

Sorrow is like gray Sha Luo, things that mysterious beauty girl, she loves to think, there is always lots of ideas mind, she did not appreciate stereotypes, merely window-dressing to make her unworthy, depth of argument, is her style! Sha Luo feel that human language is too complex, and cover many hidden and false, so she loved music, she believes music can always express themselves honestly, and with a little sentimental and melodious style of music is her favorite, in love The music, the Sha Luo often silent, because she was once again plunged into another deeper thinking among ...

[Product Information]
Size: 135.5mm
Material: Synthetic Metals

/ Origin and manufacturing methods /
Manufacturer: The Aird Group, Origin: China


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