Taiwan open bottle │ Taipei │ pink

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Taiwan open bottle │ Taipei │ pink


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/ Product Description /
● "Taiwan cultural image" for the design of the theme of stainless steel opener.
● Ruicheng - new patent - certificate number-M439051.
● With the general use of the same bottle opener, with the hole to open the bottle.
● The package is equipped with powerful magnets, can be adsorbed on the refrigerator, whiteboard, iron products above.
● Welcome to the page to buy other colors.

/ product features/
● stainless steel metallic texture, with a glossy texture of the color plating, eye-catching degree break table!
● flat packaging, petite size for the country to send gifts, do not account for luggage space.
● It is a souvenir with a strong "design sense".
● This product is "customized", the minimum order quantity for the 100 groups, can be printed or mine carved on your design of the exclusive pattern, as abroad gifts, exhibitors, wedding souvenirs of small gifts, welcome companies or individuals to contact us, Another gift box models of packaging.

/ Product specifications/
● commodity size: 84 mm x 54 mm (with the general size of the business card).
● Product thickness: 1.2 mm.
● Product weight: about 45g.
● Material: high hardness stainless steel 410H.

/ Packing specifications /
● Packing size: 100 mm x 80 mm.
● Package weight: about 50g (including the weight of goods).
● Packaging material: PVC transparent plastic box │ paper │ OPP plastic bags.
● Packaging accessories: a strong magnet.

/ Use and maintenance mode /
● normal cleaning can be, can be washed with water, will not rust.

/ Precautions/
● The picture may be slightly offset by the color of each display, depending on the color of the product.
● Our quality control is very strict, if the buyer for the quality of the goods have any questions, or are not satisfied, within 7 days after purchase and Ruicheng contact return or replacement matters, return shipping Need to be borne by the buyer.

# # Guotai gift # Taiwan Taiwan # # custom design # souvenirs # RACHIN Ruicheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan Tainan / metal punch │ to flash treatment │ color plating │ screen printing │ artificial inspection assembly


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