Collection of popular tea double gift box (special green tea + optional)

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Culture Tea

Collection of popular tea double gift box (special green tea + optional)


Loose-leaf Tea Deluxe Set (Imperial-picked Green Tea + Select another from the Loose-leaf Tea collection) Collection pick green tea Strict selection of natural planting fresh leaves early buds, follow the traditional ancient artificially collected, small green leaf cicada bite tea, natural produce fruit honey fragrance, the first taste of its taste is like a hundred flowers blossom, for the rare natural Ming goods. "Chinese culture and fashion" Pick tea culture hall, drink collar fashion to traditional Chinese flavor interpretation of another post-modern fashion beauty "The style of the literati", "the style of fashion", "popular color", "the wonderful life" Eye-catching black and white carved "mining" words, hoping to pass the ancient and modern shuttle, the concept of the future. From the natural planting of Taiwan's Nantou, with non-toxic, non-pesticide guardian, so that the quality of tea and excellent quality. Chinese architecture on the common Jiugong grid grid, with a specially designed fashion black tea cans display tea tea culture tea must be obtained by the natural agricultural certification and SGS test. All packaging is made of Japanese imports of heat up to 120 degrees C can prevent the exudation of toxic substances. Commodities using environmentally friendly sealed tank design to increase the taste and shelf life and can dissolve in the earth differentiation, which are our insistence. Chinese culture, drink collar global fashion With the development of globalization, modern people have gradually Westernized eating habits, hamburgers, cola, coffee into a staple food. Fortunately, with the economic sector of the migration, more and more Europe and the United States began to pay attention and love the traditional Chinese industry, especially with many elegant history of "tea culture." Tea Culture Hall hopes to lead a new fashion to break the barriers of oriental culture and the West, with high-level custom specifications adhere to the top of the quality, so that consumers feel with literati, fashion style, popular color of tea Culture, wonderful life. Tea, this product from China, in the century, gradually spread to the global beverage, due to the development of a long time in the rest of the world, affecting the history of different countries and culture, and then showing a different kind of individual appearance. Collection of tea gift box compared to senior international fine uniforms produced specifications for the spirit of the black cloth of the box, Department of red belt, red, gold and white "mining" word satin to the future, heritage of my five thousand years of cultural essence. "Tea", the product from China, and gradually spread into a global beverage, Affecting the history and culture of different countries, and then showing a different appearance. Open the door seven things: wood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, to understand the importance of tea on the Chinese people, In recent years, coffee has occupied the next generation of eating habits, and slowly forgotten belong to our Chinese culture, Tea culture hall business philosophy to the oriental culture of thinking combined with the spirit of Western cultural innovation model for the development of tea, Inherited Chinese culture to continue. Peace of mind (Taiwan shape) [Peace of mind] tea crystal / tea double certification, MOA international aesthetic education natural ecological certification, 2004 has been the United States QCS organic certification. [Quality] Taiwan origin production of agricultural history to prove that a single producing areas to ensure that tea source. [Inspection] tea products through the international SGS pesticide zero residue test qualified, packaging materials using Japanese heat-resistant nylon exemption of toxic substances exudation. [Save] tea products are vulnerable to moisture characteristics, the product design with sealed cans, fashion set off a high quality and more able to extend the shelf life of tea. [Fashion] from Taiwan's largest tea producing areas, gave birth to the most fragrant back to the sweet flavor, from this land planted non-toxic, non-pesticide high-quality tea, is presented to each consumer's heart, confidence, peace of mind Contents: Premium Green Tea 100g / cans Double gift box can be used with: red book pattern, gray book pattern, red gold, green gold (after the mark in the notes on the standard is to match the gift box color) * If there is no special marked gift box color, we will randomly shipped!


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