GOLLA Northern Europe and Finland after the fashion minimalist backpack Original BACKPACK PINE-G1716 Green

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GOLLA Northern Europe and Finland after the fashion minimalist backpack Original BACKPACK PINE-G1716 Green


Hello !! ** We are GOLLA, we come from Finland beautiful town. ** GOLLA Golla is founder Petri and Meri couple's hometown. In 1995, Petri with his hometown as a design company's name, And is committed to new product design, GOLLA perfect interpretation of the Nordic artistic inspiration, Launched many successful product design, such as sweeping the world Fatboy is GOLLA finest creations. GOLLA ORIGINAL inherited Scandinavian design and fine with, Minimalist design and natural color, with the Diamond pattern emblem, Symbol between friends purest, most natural togetherness shining moment, just as Diamond-like nature's original element, But flawless and shine, and life is composed of countless shining moment, no matter how life changes, GOLLA like friends to accompany you laugh, explore the world. ORIGINAL series for young students / workers, a free / creative professionals, often need to carry a lot of work, appliances, equipment and operations, work can be found everywhere in life, inspiration, so the camera, tablet, notebook, sketch, painting tools, etc., Of course you want to carry, ORIGINAL cell phone package, computer protective cover, computer bags, messenger bags, backpacks, tote bags, a series of meet relaxed, casual youthful invincibility Life Style. Color A cold Arctic Circle is located in neighboring Finland, often full of workaday night and snow, so Scandinavian design bold use of color in particular, for the season, the colors of nature are very sensitive to light! Red ORIGINAL section of the package is to simulate the morning sun rises red, warm and vibrant, while the blue sea is illuminated by the glow of gloss, orange, black, white, inspiration is amber ore, coal, chalk, rocks and pine forests represent is gray and green color from nature, is GOLLA ORIGINAL color tonality.  [Fabric] with durable composite fibers exhibit canvas texture, both design and durability. All package shall GOLLA are water repellent treatment, appropriate action to protect a variety of equipment! Handle and some details in leather processing, reduce weight, but still retains the soft, delicate texture of hand. Hop color double stitching turner, in addition to strengthening the grip, strap supporting force and durability beyond, but also for bags dotted uninhibited creative style, even with daily is not easy to damage, hit monochromatic color design package shall energize and personality. [Function] detachable wrist strap, shoulder strap, how life is how to use, large capacity, multi inner bag designed to accommodate the spark of life, easy to find the items you need most, organized to face the challenges of life. A pack of multi-purpose, school, work, travel, get a bag, the bottom three-dimensional cut, even if the package shall be left unattended, but also prevents it from slipping, whether it is a coffee shop, Park Meadows, Ocean Beach can be used. Adventure is ready to depart never fails, bring your friends and start GOLLA package together! Size, material, weight Brand: Golla Finland External Chiduo: 255x170x20 mm Laptop sandwich: 245x160x15 mm Flat sandwich: 210x150x15 mm Material: Orange / polyether Weight: approx. 200 g If you want to use the international transfer, please contact us; If you have any want to know any details of the bag, you are welcome to contact us Oh ~! https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8587/16235810786_016204b017_o.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7548/16260893482_e18675ddba_o.jpg https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8567/16074193318_ba12eeb8d0_o.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7511/16261725805_93aba308f7_o.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7508/16074357530_93419a6b65_o.jpg https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8677/16259906831_72f3184307_o.jpg


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