Spring Art Masters - Mu Xia Bai Hua Qi Fang Series Paper Tape Set

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*Floral green leaves as a material to embellish the beauty of nature* *Intertwined with colorful and lively scenery*



TAISO ショップへ

Spring Art Masters - Mu Xia Bai Hua Qi Fang Series Paper Tape Set


**【Product desciption】**
Mu Xia's fascinating and gorgeous decorative style, which is transformed into a sticky paper tape, which is very suitable for Mu Xia.
The characteristic garland elements, the garland elements of Mu Xia Duo bloom, the soft and elegant petals are transformed into the most eye-catching
The lingering paper tape, Mu Xia style, is elegant and gorgeous everywhere, while the goddess and plants are Mu Xia style.
Indispensable details, like paper tape, love hand feelings, enjoy immersed in beautiful things, let me
Let's live together into the world of paper tape!!
Whether it is application or collection, it is not to be missed Mucha Art Paper Tape. And paper material can be repeatedly pasted
No glue, decorate the bits and pieces of life, and easily embellish the exotic romantic atmosphere. Mucha
The gorgeous decorative style is transformed into a versatile paper tape.

**★New Art Master Mu Xia works**
**★ and paper material can be repeatedly pasted without residue**
**★Using the collection of Mu Xia art paper tape not to be missed**
**★Delicious life with a touch of exotic romantic atmosphere**

**【Introduction of works】**
**<Mu Xia Baihua Blooming Paper Tape - Lace White>**
"Mu Xia Flower Creation" 1896~1928
Mucha style indispensable plant flower decoration

**"Gemstone Series Pattern Paper Tape"**
<Gemstone series Mucha gem series continuous creation The Precious Stones 1900>
Ruby, topaz, amethyst, emerald ~ gem series into a woman, with a teasing gaze straight into the viewer.

The most popular work of Mu Xia, lined with a circle of gorgeous flowers, a soft woman dressed in delicate embroidered robes, facing a dream book that has been carefully read, a dream of daydreaming .

**【product features】**
European Art Nouveau Master Czech National Treasure - Mucha
Modern anime, the bohemian ancestor, Mu Xia's works, full of amazing composition, specializing in a large number of flowers and plants, with Byzantine, Celtic, Japanese, Rococo, Gothic, The various elements of Judaism and Czech folk art, with mosaic-like mosaic backgrounds, or dazzling costumes, jewellery, Arabic ornamentation, and complex contour lines, make the work a powerful and powerful new art value. Among them, beautiful female body, decorative flowers, flowing hair, and the use of bright colors and harmonious colors make Mucha paintings unique and charming exotic features!

Brand: TAISO
Specifications: 4 into a group
Material: and paper material
Packing: length 50 x width 70 x height 20 mm
Width: 18 mm
Length: 10 m
Place of Origin: Taiwan

**【Instructions for use】**
This product, capacity and size within ± 3% are good.

**T**aiwan +**A**rt +**I**dea +**S**tyle +**O**riginality =**TAISO**
●TAISO was founded in 2008, mainly focusing on the artistic elements, the creative design and the aesthetics of life.
Investing in the development of products with deep aesthetics and high quality and practical products. TAISO aims at this,
The power to make art and culture naturally integrated into life, let people naturally taste the beauty of life and the value of life.

●TAISO Marketing Art and Wenchuang Design Brands create artistic quality with artistic elements and creative design.
The aesthetics of life. Adhering to the adherence of "Aesthetic Design X Professional Technology X Good Manufacturing".

●TAISO Creative Enterprise is committed to creative marketing of art and culture. Living through art works, pulling
The distance between art and people is deeply rooted in the aesthetics of public life.

●TAISO Creative Enterprise, with the vision of creating Taiwan's cultural miracle, will bring Taiwan's profound cultural background
Convergence, local emotions and industry, then accumulate application and innovation, and at the same time gather the strength of all walks of life, group policy
Qunli strives to work hard for Taiwanese culture, and then constructs a platform for continuing and promoting Taiwanese culture.
The output will let the world feel the truth, goodness and beauty of this land in Taiwan.

Creative arts, creative value added!
Integrate Taiwanese culture and art into life aesthetics and enrich the good life of the public!
**Artistic Elements + Cultural Identity and Story Emotion + Creative Design + Marketing Services = Aesthetic Economy**


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