Life Series - Water Gliding


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    Life Series - Water Gliding
  • Material / Material: Porcelain / Porcelain
    Size / Size: Cup Cup – Φ 80 x H 130 mm
    Capacity / Capacity: 380 ml
    Shape design: Gao Caiwei / Shape designed
    By Tsai-Chien Kao
    Totem Design: Liu Yuqi / Graphic designed
    By Yu-Chi Liu
    Pricing: NT380
    The season of flying,
    It’s like a hide-and-seek, stealth and fast flying.
    Traveling in the heavens and the earth, shuttle between the streams,
    Low-altitude across the water, smashing,
    In the sunshine, the stream flashes.
    The flow of wind picks up the grass,
    Invite and start swaying and swinging.

    In the flying season,
    Dragonflies hide themselves to fly fast like playing hide-and-seek.
    Traveling between the sky and earth, shuttling in the stream,
    They pass the surface at a low level to make the water rippled.
    Under the sunshine, the stream is sparkling.
    The grass is waving in the wind,
    Invited for a dance.

    Flying season に
    Low water surface
    Wind の流れが草を引いて
    踊りを おう

    Design Notes:
    When childhood is playing in the stream, the cockroaches will always appear inadvertently, and then disappear quickly. When children are especially fond of sorrow, the lightness seems to be playing hide and seek with us. When I was a child, I have already captured it. It has been kept in my heart. Like precious memories, will not forget.

    Design notes:
    When we were playing by the stream in our childhood, the dragonflies used to appear suddenly and then disappeared. We loved them a lot in our childhood. They seem as playing hide-and-seek with us. We had already caught them since we were Children. They are always staying in the heart as a precious memory which will be never forgotten.

    Sub-supply, Ogawa の 傍で 気づかないうちに 気づかないうちに 気づかないうちに 気づかないうちに 気づかないうちに 気づかないうちに 気づかないうちに 気づかないうちに えてしまいました えてしまいました えてしまいました えてしまいましたWhen the child is の の, しなやかな こなしをもって こなしをもって こなしをもって こなしをもって こなしをもって ごっこをするような蜻蛉が ごっこをするような蜻蛉が ごっこをするような蜻蛉が ごっこをするような蜻蛉が ごっこをするような蜻蛉が ごっこをするような蜻蛉が してきました してきました を を を を を を を を を を をそれに, 珍しい思い出いのように して れられません れられません.

    Life Series:
    Life series cups are matched with water bottles, water, springs of life, pottery, mud, the cradle of life, the mother of the earth, all the love and love that all things need, and also our love and cherish.

    Life Series:
    Water is the source of life, while the earth (pottery) is the cradle of life. The Earth Mother provides all the materials and love to all creatures. But at the same time, she also needs our love And caring.

    Life ズーズ
    Life シリーズのカップはアクアカップとセットになっています. The source of the life of the otter, the raw material of the pottery, the life of the earth. The earth は ように ように ように ように ように 物 ズに満たして ズに満たして ズに満たして を を を を を を をOne party and one person are naturally cut off.

    Use and precautions:
    1. Note: Do not scrub with an iron brush or a harder cleaning product to prevent scratches on the surface of the ceramic.
    2. Note: It can be placed in a microwave, dishwasher, or hot water for washing.
    3. This product is a handmade product. The cup is not 100% round, and the capacity and size are within 3%.
    4. If there is any damage or other defects in this product, please contact our customer service staff for return.
    5. Please refer to the actual product for the correct color.

    Watch list during application:
    1. Beware:Do not clean with iron brush or cleaning utensils made of hard and solid materials to protect the surface of porcelain being scratched.
    2. Beware: It can be washed in microwave oven, dish washing machine or boiling hot water.
    3. This merchandise is handicraft product with the mug not 100% round in shape, but for those with capacity and size within ±3% are rated as good quality.
    4. If ever there is any damage or blemish spot or pinholes, etc, please contact this company's customer service for exchange of merchandise.
    5. For accurate coloring, please refer to the actual products of merchandise.

    Note on use:
    1. Note: The surface of the ceramic products is flawed, ワイヤブラシ or いは いは 清 清 清 清 いしないでください いしないでください いしないでください いしないでください いしないでください いしないでください いしないでください いしないでください.
    2. It is possible to clean the レンジで 加热 heating, dish washing machine, and hot soup で.
    3. This product is に に 黒 黒 黒 黒 ピンホ 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 ください ください ください ください ください ください ください ください ください ください ください
    4. Correctly な Color は実 の を を を にしてください にしてください にしてください
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan handmade
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Life Series - Water Gliding

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