SIMPLE HiLL 407 + 408 + X01 loose tea Bundle


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  • **SIMPLE Hill 407 + 408 + X01 loose tea with a bundle**

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    Eagerly looking forward to the winter tea market, and practices in addition to the formal launch of the outer packet of loose tea! Also prepared a tea with a preferred bundle group! Inside contains 407 and 408 loose tea dress, presented the most sought-after winter tea flavor, as well as Baking effort to bring the throat rhyme taste, aroma Xenia black nostrils take you into the forest-like Qinxin feelings, so carefully selected ~ recommend to you!
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    **[contents introduction]**

    **SIMPLE Hill [407] Jin Xuan | olive tree | Dongcha | No Baking | loose tea dress | good**
    The year, make love tea eagerly anticipated Dongcha listed! Dongcha know why most people love to teach love tea?
    This is due to the relative spring, summer, autumn, winter sunshine and short curl mist, making tea, and new leaves sprout germination energy under mild and abundant sunshine, grow slowly, the leaves can be stored more lucrative fruit gum, to provide a richer taste tea transformation; micro and short sunshine but also reduces the cause of bitter tea catechins and other polyphenols accumulation, thus making winter tea, taste sweet and smooth mouth, let love of tea, as the tea best for the season, but also the best choice for you to taste the flavor of Taiwan tea.
    90 g ± 5% / aluminum vacuum bags

    **SIMPLE Hill [408] Jin Xuan | olive tree | Dongcha | in Baking | loose tea dress | good**
    Since via Baking Process, tea can be completely changed appearance a few. Baking can reduce incomprehensible sharp sense of tea, tea taste increase the thickness, so that tea is more rich, after taste "throat rhyme" is roasted tea only, therefore Baking technology according to high and low temperature, when the length is short, to create a myriad of Oolong tea appearance, so you can be in the same paragraph tea, taste different taste.

    Mining 408 407 according to the Baking - Industry said half cooked Baking Process, so that the original of sweet, fragrant sugar cooked into your mouth open, lingering throat rhyme, with due Baking crystallized recede Caffeine, allowing you to night hours, can not afford to drink a cup of warm tea, but also a taste of the wonders of technology Baking!
    88 g ± 5% / aluminum vacuum bags

    **SIMPLE Hill [X01] X2 Rusen Ya lobular tea | Great saddle | Own | Min**
    Unlike the common market, ruby, Assam and other large-leafed black tea, black tea Xenia lobular an altitude of 1200 meters using a large saddle Own Takeyama via leafhopper smoking, so much honey tea, with Green Heart black Long slightly cinnamon aroma, like into the forest, surrounded by a trace Qinliang, careful exploration, Widespread full of lush angry. Xenia afternoon tea if you are fond of drinking, we recommend adding a little sugar, ginger candy, and so do a little seasoning, add milk or a cup of homemade latte with Qinliang sense!
    30 g ± 5% / 2 into aluminum bags

    **real tea**
    Olive tea
    While carrying a bucket of fertilizer fertilization fertilization while the father took the way in Tam papaya tea

    **tea named**
    Example [401] Jin Xuan | olive tree | Dongcha | No Baking | good
    104 years of the first one tea / tea plant / tea Name / harvest season / roasting degree fire / tea master

    **Why you should support the "low altitude"**
    ◆ low altitude 1000 meters below mean tea area, here is the tea most people depend on subsistence skilled human family.

    ◆ Contrast mountain tea in recent years, large-scale capital investment, when no reclamation, forest landform, soil and water conservation is increasingly undermined; tea, mostly in low-altitude operations more than two decades of tea area, tea impact on the environment, water and soil through the decades has achieved a balance.

    ◆ low altitude tea area near and species, provided the village labor income population, maintain the local population structure stability.

    **Why you should support the "small amount of purified"**
    ◆ relatively large-scale capital investment in recent years, "mountain tea", as well as large-scale capital-type ground tea, a small amount of refined tea means "family style tea factory" family tea factory usually "tea as" the size of the establishment, the tea garden next and species, homegrown, clustered into tea settlements are the main features family-style tea factory.

    ◆ "family-style tea factory" tea planting, production control on normally done by the same tea master, and thus able to develop their own unique character, and to maintain more consistent quality.

    ◆ due to less production, able to cast a thought in each process, from tea tree care, to take water timing fermented tea master, as well as roasted moderation, and both are tea people into the effort, the cumulative value of the key to give the experience.

    ◆ artificial hand picking only improve the quality of tea, with respect to the machine cut harvesting, but also provide local economic sources of women is crucial to the local economy and vitality.

    ◆ play with heart, diversity and technology research center to create depth tea, empathy and more to maintain the food security

    **What makes a small amount of refined precarious /**
    ◆ In recent years, large-scale capital-type tea everywhere, weight "not heavy" the market price to the lowest point of Glasgow; plus capital poured into the high altitude alpine forest planting tea, under the attack of the living space and a small amount of purified tea steep decline.

    **What makes a small amount of refined unable to shape the profile, get the equivalent income /**
    Apart from a small family-style tea factory canteen (vacuum into catty or four ounces of equipment, etc.), most of the acquisitions by the wholesalers, and then wholesalers often depending on the quality, leapfrog sales commensurate with the hills in order to earn high profits, resulting in low altitude well-made tea unable to accumulate its reputation, not to mention get equivalent remuneration.

    **lose a small amount of refined spirit of urban and rural areas is how /**
    Economically tea factory operating income to maintain the local labor force in recent years due to the spread can not balance the books sold, abandoned close sometimes heard, but do not harvest the place to get the economy working class no income, no steady income resulting Local human exodus, urban and rural areas and thus accelerate aging.

    **SIMPLE Hill /**
    Practitioners design studio more than five years, I believe that is what they have learned in order to bring urban and rural benign influence, so SIMPLE HILL 30 years from the parent's own tea departure, depicting urban and rural beauty and sorrow through cultural creativity, through guarantee Gengzhe earnings support small farmers into spiritual and material, in the high mountain tea in command, rampant foreign tea Chashi, the small amount of refined vocal low altitude tea industry, to explore, value-added value, also expect for their hometown - inject hope and vitality Zhushan town .

    Beautiful illustration from an ongoing, unfinished picture books, the background is Takeyama land, describing the most authentic tea village side write, depicting common childhood memories, family, values, the countryside, and the plight of ......

    **Please actions in support of "a small amount of refined - in low altitude!" the farmers**
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SIMPLE HiLL 407 + 408 + X01 loose tea Bundle

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