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  • 【Luo Gui Mei】
    Rose Osmanthus Roselle Herbal Tea

    **Stretch when pouring fragrant, beautiful and beautiful flowers.**

    In the journey around the island to find high-quality tea raw materials, seven tea hall also found the land of Taiwan's north and south sides, diverse and rich characteristics of crops. Often think, if we can through the creative ingenuity, these crops into a cup of tea, so that people with a simple way to experience the nourishment of tea, feel Taiwan's abundance, closer to their own soul, is not a good and happy The tea experience? So seven tea hall began to try to find the crops on the road, through the combination of one of the method of making tea, interpretation of the surprising caffeine tea, rich tea fun; so that can not load caffeine love tea , You can easily enjoy the quiet moments of tea.

    A reading of Chinese medicine cursive, found the book introduced a Luo Shenhua, sweet-scented osmanthus and roses transferred into a healthy effect with the "three tea." Think of "three flowers tea" in addition to a charming name, if this section of tea with some sugar powder, ice to be iced, should be able to in the floral flowers, to stimulate the taste of sweet tea back to Gan, some cool and comfortable, Very suitable for summer to drink! Just by imagination on the mouth Sheng Jin, so take advantage of the Hualien mining honey honey tea, to spend all over the land to find Luo Shenhua; to Nantou to find tea, also inquire about sweet-scented osmanthus and roses. , And finally made without caffeine "Luo Gui Mei." Luo flowers and red sunflower, mainly distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions, flowers and stems and leaves are with a clear taste of the Luo Shenhua flowers, because the flower calyx crimson and contains beneficial nutrients to the body, so there are "The ruby of the botanical sector," said. Is located in subtropical, with strong sunshine, summer and autumn temperatures, Taitung County Dafu Mountain at the foot of the Jinfeng Township and Tai Ma is the main origin of Taiwan Luo Shenhua. From the "three flowers tea" inspiration to the quality of Luo Shenhua as the main tone, with the South Pitcher picking osmanthus, Nantou Puli roses, to reconcile the bursts of sweet flowers, just sorrow and grief, stirring taste and thin back to Gan mouth The sense of "Luo Gui Mei".

    When the hot water into the cup, Luo Shenhua red sour slowly pour release, sweet-scented osmanthus rose aroma and then transpiration out, feel the fragrance surrounded by fragrance lubrication. Iced is to bring fresh sour, Qin Liang Xingnao, a solution of the summer heat worry. Cleverly take the word to make a beautiful name of the "Luo Gui Mei", can bring you a beautiful tea experience.

    【About ... Luo Gui Mei】
    Tea color / fancy red
    Aroma / sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, rose incense, lychee incense, Luo Shen flowers
    Flavor description / sweet and sour, there are flowers and litchi incense, is the summer cool and refreshing fruit tea
    Product Type / Bag Tea
    Tasting time / afternoon tea, summer iced
    Tea content / Taitung Luo Shenhua, Nantou roses, Nantou osmanthus
    Tea weight / bag tea _3g / bag

    Drinking tea can also be very simple
    Mug hot bubble method >> into the tea bag, and in the cup into the hot water 300ml, wait 5 minutes after drinking
    Ice bubble method >> into the tea bag, and in the cup into the 1/3 of the hot water, wait 5 minutes after the ice can be added
    Cold bubble method >> into the tea bag, and in the bottle filled with cold water, cold 4 to 8 hours to drink

    We believe that a better life can simply start from a cup of tea ...

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【Luo Gui Mei】 tea bag / small tin cans -7 into





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