Paste baking Sterling wipe sauce (hot buy group, six flavors) (including transport group)

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Paste baking Sterling wipe sauce (hot buy group, six flavors) (including transport group)


Paste baking Sterling 24 hours of happy companionship: Wipe sauce and toast, this seemingly mundane but it is very warm food contains, it is one of many options for breakfast, afternoon tea time snack for added strength, the left atrium is warm supper companion. Wipe the sauce is not just to feed their families food, it is more bears deep affection transfer. Early in the morning to go to school is the mother of the child, the share of sadness and concern, I hope one day he can have a good start. Are colleagues in the afternoon, take a break for a moment teatime companion, cheer for each other at work. Are single women will be a busy day return to the small apartments, with coconut thick slices with a cup of hot cocoa, warm her heart. Wiping hot sauce toast is a mind, a move, a bridge between people start to interact and communicate. Paste baking Sterling - classic taste once owned: Paste baking Sterling Series total - pure soufflés, crispy sesame calcium, Nuo Hong soufflés, chocolate five classic taste, Practice natural, healthy, without the burden of philosophy, baking Sterling wiping sauce adhere to strict selection of high-quality natural raw materials, Pure soufflés - chosen selection of 100% milk powder from Australia, New Zealand, creamy rich milk overflowing. Calcium sesame crispy - Featured black sesame seeds complete grinding process, to maintain natural sesame. Nuo Hong Naisu - bleached without the use of natural silk with fragrant coconut soufflés, fresh taste doubled. Chocolate - Africa and Ghana cocoa beans produced raw cocoa powder, giving you the most detailed thick smooth new experience. Peanut - carefully selected the finest full fragrant peanut sweet and salty aftertaste glycol The combination of special commodity: garlic full - made with fresh garlic, taste and full aroma! Process pay attention to health, no extra additives, insisted "no artificial flavors, colors, no preservatives, no pesticides, no anti-oxidants." Sterling wiping sauce baked low sweetness, taste smooth, mellow taste, allowing you to enjoy the taste of happiness and also eat healthy, without the burden. You can freely choose to take food, and that every day, innovative delicious good mood. Paste baking Sterling - Quality Excellence Awards again and again: Speaking wiping sauce, almost every household has the necessary seasoning ingredients, but Paste Special Secretary has excellent baking quality, Full range of merchandise through SGS inspection, and the world's three major food commodities individually obtain Awards: Monde Selection World Food evaluation will - Silver Award Superior Taste Award Medal of the finest quality - delicious 1-2 Stars Awards DLG German Agricultural Society - Gold Medal So simple, high-quality wiping sauce, you must try! Product Specifications: Portfolio: pure soufflés, crispy sesame calcium, Nuo Hong soufflés, chocolate, peanuts, garlic into each one full Size: height of about 6CM, 9CM wide around Weight: about 220-250g / cans, garlic full: about 175g Shelf life: One year Storage: After opening the tank lid tightly and store in a cool dry place, not frozen. Its full shall be frozen garlic Edible mode: moderate wipe the evenly onto bread toast, and then placed in the oven and bake for 2-3 minutes, there are clear instructions on each package. Features: no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no antioxidants, no preservatives, no pesticide residues, low sweetness new recipe Origin: Taiwan Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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