belief. Hexagonal copper pillars (male models) [customization] hand knocking alphabet series ◆ Sugar Nok ◆ hand wax line brass bracelet

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belief. Hexagonal copper pillars (male models) [customization] hand knocking alphabet series ◆ Sugar Nok ◆ hand wax line brass bracelet


**faith**.**hexagonal pillar****[customization] hand knock on the letter series**

▲ size ▲
- Standard length: 18 cm (including front and rear buckle)
- Wax rope thickness: about 4mm
- small bronze pillars: about 25mm wide and about 7mm wide
- Standard color: deep wild green # 4 + light brown (flax) # 20
**Bracelet goods can be custom [length] and [color], please note when placing orders**
**Passenger length of more than 20 cm, please contact the designer to offer another**

▲ Material ▲
- Thai wax line (can touch the water material)
- High quality brass (no plating, low sensitive material)
▲ customized lettering ▲
- each copper copper can be engraved**2**u capital letters or numbers or**1 symbol**
- Please leave your typed message on the order note on the order
>> (This merchandise lettering size of about**1MM**, because the letter is very small,
Alignment is very difficult, but also forgive me up to only engraved with two words !!)
**Please note that when you order the contents of the letter you want to note**,**can speed up the designer shipments**

▲ single small exhort ▲**custom length = (hand circumference cm + tightness cm)**
1. Please contact the order notes or designer, you need to inform**custom length**
2. If there is a demand for custom color, please note the order message
3. If there is no note, the designer will produce the standard length and product standard color ~

Hand around the measurement DIY
◆ Measuring tools: rope, tape or long paper can be
◆ measurement techniques: Please measure the hand you want to wear, in the hands around a circle, floating stickers can, do not be too tight or too loose
◆ measurement position: about the bottom of the hand about 1.5-2 cm (wearing a watch position)
◆ length confirmation: the length can be confirmed with the ruler, this length is your "hand"

5. Tightness recommendations
◆ tight (hand + 1.0cm)
◆ hand (hand + 1.5cm)
◆ comfortable (hand + 2.0cm)

6. Please provide the designer after the calculation of "custom length"
◆ Please note********is not the same as the length of**
◆ In order to speed up the shipping speed, be sure to provide the designer you want to**the length of the system**(including the length of the front and rear buckle)
◆ If the size of the purchase is too large or too small, the wax rope itself can not be modified !!
◆ Please be sure to confirm your size, thank you ~

▲ wax line color table ▲ (# 28 missing color)

▲ International shipping precautions ▲
1. Hong Kong: Use [SF] to send (the address is Hong Kong Non-Commercial Area or Hong Kong's remote area, [SF] will be HK $ 30, this part is not included in the freight you paid, please Be sure to confirm your address)
2. Non-Hong Kong: Use the postal airbag to send

▲ origin ▲
- Taiwan handmade
▲ manufacturing methods ▲
- Handmade from My Heart
Origin / manufacturing method
Handmade from My Heart


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