Sun Stone + Tianhe Stone + Moonstone + Apatite 108 Rosary / Beads / Multi-ring Bracelet

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Sunstone + Tianhe Stone + Moonstone + Apatite 108 Rosary Out of stock, waiting for a long time boutique. It’s getting harder and harder to make up so many beautiful blue apatites now~ The beautiful blue apatite rosary in the color of the beads, the beads a


Sun Stone + Tianhe Stone + Moonstone + Apatite 108 Rosary / Beads / Multi-ring Bracelet


**+++ Rosary series are available for sale in limited quantities. If you need to order after the sale, please send me a private message, thank you! +++**

**Sunstone + Tianhe Stone + Moonstone + Apatite 108 Rosary Necklace**

Product Description:

After waiting for a long time, I got together 108 rosary beads.

It’s getting harder and harder to make up so many beautiful blue apatites now~

The beautiful blue apatite rosary in the color of the beads, the beads are semi-transparent under the light.

Note that this kind of Turkish blue will have some color difference, dark in the dark, and color in the light.

There are photos taken in different light for reference, and the individual feels that the actual color is brighter.

At the same time, blue apatite is also a natural stone representing the throat wheel, symbolizing communication and expression.

Wearing blue ore helps with communication.

This rosary color daisy also likes it very much~~

Paired with the Changsha family's Jinsha cat's eye orange sun stone, flashing labradorite, cat's eye white moonstone, together with bright eyes

The revised version of the beads was replaced with blue-purple Danquan stone and bright Tianhe stone.

The sterling silver fittings are more elegant with crossbows and auspicious knots.

Parts of the metal fittings are made of pure silver.

Please note that due to the size relationship, the hand circumference can be wrapped around four times in 16.5CM, and the hand circumference is too large.

It is normal for apatite to have ice cracks and impurity symbiotic ore, and the beads will have a shallow depth.

Please accept the reorder!

The photo deliberately does not repair the picture too bright, fully showing the transparency and natural color.

The natural stones used by daisy are not processed by post-processing, and occasionally there are not obvious black spots, mine defects, etc. are normal.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Product size description:

Apatite - about 5.8 ~ 5.9MM (apatite hardness is low, please be careful not to collide when wearing)

Sun Stone - about 9.5MM

Labradorite - 6.4MM

Tianhe Stone-6.1MM

Danquan Stone-6.3MM

White Moonstone - 6.3MM

Pure silver plain bead -4.5MM

Sterling silver oblate cross 杵-13.5MM

Sterling silver weaving auspicious knot - about 1CM*0.8CM

The necklace has a total length of about 74CM and is made of elastic string.

It is recommended that the hand circumference can be worn around the circle in 16.5CM, and the daisy wear is very loose.

*The natural stone bracelet of the daisy store uses Japanese elastic silk thread for easy wearing.
*If you need to modify, please remember to inform, increase the need to increase the price depending on the situation, please be sure to consult in advance, thank you.
*daisy hand circumference about 15CM for reference.
* The meaning of the hand circumference XX is worn under the XX size range.
If it is worn in the hand circumference 15, but your actual hand circumference is 13, this will of course be too big.
Please be sure to let your hand tell me your hand!

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

*...→Measurement method:

Take the tape measure around the wrist at the thinnest point of the wrist is the hand circumference, do not deliberately tighten or relax!
If you are used to wearing a special loose or hand in hand, be sure to let them know first.
The elastic bracelet must be large enough to fit through the palm and wrist bones into the wrist.
Therefore, wearing it will not be like a wire bracelet.
Everyone's skeleton is different.
If the palm is relatively thick and the wrist is thin, then the elastic bracelet will be looser.
When daisy resizes, it will be adjusted as much as possible according to the bracelet design.
If you have any questions about the size of the product, please feel free to contact us first.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
Daisy's insistence

* Brass silver-plated beads - Made of high-quality brass-plated beads, it is extremely resistant to oxidation and is easier to maintain than pure silver.
(Note: It is normal to have traces of oxidation on the edges of the beads, as the edges of the beads will often rub.)
*925 sterling silver beads - bright sterling silver beads and retro old silver beads, are 925 sterling silver material, will be oxidized with the use of silver cloth maintenance.
* If you do not specify the hand-made jewelry, use Japanese elastic silk thread.
*daisy's hand-created natural stone ornaments are dyed without post-processing, and will not fade if worn in the normal way.
(Some of the ore will be noted first because of the characteristics of fear of water and heat.)
* Natural stone crystal jewelry, daisy will be purified first and then shipped, buyers can feel at ease.
* Jewelry should try to avoid hitting the water and colliding, especially if you can not take a bath to wash the dishes and so on.
Will make the metal part easy to oxidize or cause the crystal to change color.
* Natural stone jewelry may also have a slight change in color due to personal wear.
But not everyone will happen. If you have doubts, you can contact us first.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Trading considerations

̇*Natural stone will have more or less ice cracks, no obvious ore shortages, and slightly different bead sizes.
̇*Photos will try to show the real style, but also because of the different angles of the photos, there will be some errors, please accept the re-transaction!
̇*Products can be modified according to the buyer's needs. The fees will be revised according to the situation. Please discuss with me for details.
̇*Because everyone's computer monitor screens are different, a little chromatic aberration can't be avoided in online shopping.
Ordering is not recommended if you are unacceptable.
̇*Hand-made products are entitled to a free change of line service within half a year (the buyer can bear the postage and postage)
̇* Shipping time is sent within 5 working days after "payment", excluding holidays, please contact us if you have any urgent needs.
̇*Natural stone ornaments will also have signs of age as they are worn.
Like the surface of the beads may become more foggy, no original light is worn out
This is inevitable. Wearing a sterling silver gold bracelet will have small collision wear marks for a long time.
Therefore, please try not to knock when you wear jewelry.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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