Weather forecast! US storm glass (bottles Storm) Storm Glass △ of crystallization, go anywhere in the snow (Taiwan Limited) | mini storm glass | home decorations

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Weather forecast! US storm glass (bottles Storm) Storm Glass △ of crystallization, go anywhere in the snow (Taiwan Limited) | mini storm glass | home decorations


(Older necklace has a comprehensive stock! Change the desktop cute mini decoration bottle Hello! I hope you will like)
Unit: bottle

**From time to time to sell a small amount of**❤️
note! This is currently only custom orders, wait a few days longer, rush orders do not single! ! !

Cute chubby mini bottles - bottles of less than 5 cm high!
Each time the amount produced not more, to be ordered as soon as possible, Thank you very much!

**Before the next one, a variety of instructions please read**

Molly and Dolly began a new journey ♡

*Liquid inconvenient to be sent to foreign countries, currently only limited to Taiwan sold.*

**Storm glass**, also known as storm bottle "Storm Glass", in the 19th century as European navigation*weather observation equipment*. The inventor was British Admiral Robert FitzRoy, who used to sail when some famous, such as the biologist Charles Darwin's HMS Beagle.
Storm glass in novelist Jules Gabriel Verne published in 1873 work "Haideliangmoli", and is mounted in the famous giant submarine "Nautilus." Distilled water, alcohol, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, and camphor mixture is injected into the sealed glass bottles, and then by observing the bottle of liquid crystal profile to*predict the weather*. (Excerpt)

〖Weather changes bottles? 〗
Storm glass the light of "temperature", "pressure" to produce crystalline, so that we can through the shape, such as changes in precipitation crystallization to do judgment.
⑴ lower crystallinity grow higher temperatures ⑵ >> cloud-like crystals, turbid liquid cloudy >>
⑶ liquid crystal >> sunny weather ⑷ point-like crystal >> damp, foggy
⑸ cloud + stellate small crystals >> >> thunderstorm ⑹ feathery crystalline snow, cold
⑺ ⑻ large filamentous crystalline windy >> more >> crystalline haze weather (rain, snow)
(Sorting out the information as a reference.)

△ Material: Glass, camphor, alcohol, potassium nitrate, distilled water, ammonium chloride, cork
△ Dimensions: glass high 4.2cm (without lids), bottom diameter 3.5cm

△ otherwise stated:
This storm glass bottle sealed with a cork, not completely sealed. Will try to pack tight when shipped! Never mind who the next single! However, if the liquid portion of the liquid accidentally, or goods for a long time may have a little liquid evaporation, can add 75% to 95% alcohol (the higher the ratio the more clear) or distilled water (the higher the ratio, the more crystalline).

**▲ Caution ▲**

1. Avoid placing**in direct sunlight**and**as air conditioning vent**, in order to avoid deterioration. (Sunlight easily lead crystal evaporation reduction, the outlet is easy to make too dry and cold weather that bottle.)

2. Do not place in the**high temperature**,**not near the fire source**.

3. Reminder: liquid containing ingredients**camphor**. Please patients G6PD deficiency (dehydrogenase deficiency) is to pay more attention! (Such as mothballs for patients beans can cause severe acute reaction, even life-threatening.)

4. The delivery process will shake,**after the receipt of goods, so that storm glass was allowed to stand ㄧ weeks, crystal re-crystallization stability, adapt to the environment.**

▲ ▲ see before the next one
Handmade goods, every kind of work will probably have a little gap! Do not mind those orders. Photos will be because of the screen and shooting light be slightly different color, please buyers to consider carefully, and read the Main Trading Policy.

⚠ Note! statement:
This product mainly used as "decorative nature, fun admiration of hand work" for the spindle, without guarantee that can accurately predict the weather, and the volume of the glass than the mini relative crystallinity is not very obvious (the designer himself has observed a feather with star-shaped crystals). The effect of changes in our Bunengkongzhi bottle of unacceptable grounds "little change" or "too little crystallization" and other requirements to be returned. In the use of glass bottles Please also note that a number of their own, and no after-sale warranty, and sincerely hope that buyers can first understand and then to order to avoid misunderstandings and disputes, really very, very grateful!


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