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The combination of high-quality stickers and featured images is one of the most sought-after features of Filter017, Main





/ Product Description and Story / Filter017 CREALIVE OUTDOOR LAB STICKER SET The combination of high-quality stickers and featured images is one of the most sought-after features of Filter017, Maintain the tradition, the FCL OUTDOOR LAB series launched two breath sets of stickers from the theme image set, Each set consists of seven high-quality PVC stickers with different design images. FCL OUTDOOR LAB Series Introduction Beginning in 2012, the Filter017 team will continue the previously published thematic concept of the Horror Forest, Continue to be good at American images and visual style, convey the image and theme to be interpreted by the moral or humor, and through a single product with the recent popular Outdoor style and topic, Launched a new brand extension FCL OUTDOOR LAB. This series of single product style and design type particularly inclined to return to popular in recent years, the Outdoor route, the image creation and product made a response to the link, it is not difficult to find Filter017 breakthrough in the design and style of change, in addition to Visual and image settings closer to the American retro Outdoor style, but also try to integrate into the Outdoor theme under the extended hybrid ideas, including travel, outdoor recreation, reclamation, Scout, wild survival, ethnic culture ... and so on , Which leads to the reflection of self-challenge and environmental issues. It also encourages civilized urban people to spend more time with the outdoors and experience the natural beauty of the planet, thus arousing people's awareness of nature conservation and self-worth sure! Filter017 has always been longing for the perfect combination and balance of image design and product design. It is also an independent laboratory dedicated to researching and developing these two products. This time, the team once again tried its best to combine multiple and interesting images with Mixed elements, as well as product details on the ingenuity and intentions, the image creation and pop a single product closely integrated and injected into the soul, reinterpreting Filter017 exclusive Outdoor casual style, and FCL OUTDOOR LAB also produced! / Size, size, size, weight / PVC material, both sides of the print, waterproof, tear, no residue, not easy to fade Divided into A, B two sets, each set of seven Price per set: NT $ 300 / US $ 10 / RMB 60 ※ before the subscript, please contact customer service to confirm the size and color of the pre-purchased stock, thank you. ※ Product photography a bit of color, perfectionist do not subscript purchase, thank you. / Designer and brand profile / Filter017 team since its inception in 2004, all the way to continue to be good at the "elemental mix" to create many rich new designs and images, and from all over the world's attention and encouragement, gradually in recent years in the international fermentation. Under the concept of "mixed", not only is it just a mixture of visual images, Filter017 tries to reinterpret retro-visual elements and elements from Europe and the United States based on oriental cultural thinking and creativity. Hopefully, in terms of vision, taste and thinking, Bring a new feeling, the goal is to combine this image style design, extending to all possible areas of life! In 2009, Filter017 first stepped forward in the field of apparel which is closest to life. In order to implement the phased goals and launch an independent apparel brand with the same name, Filter017 hopes to share the essence of creation and design of Filter017 and extend the functions of vintage, pop, mix, fun, Humor and joy of the spindle, in the streets, life, pop culture, fashion market, into a new brand model and selection direction. Filter017, though based on image creation, understands that besides the image and the visual, the quality and spiritual essence of apparel should not be overlooked. In the future, the brand will mentally and visually reflect "relaxed and humorous" Attitude, give up more than decorated, with a "clean, simple" line to express the style of dress, I believe in the design details and quality requirements, the same can feel Filter017 on the comprehensive design and product requirements. In 2011, with its dedication to its own independent design brand, Filter017 team relocated its creative base in Taichung, Taiwan. With its studio and brand identity store, Filter017 set up the first lifestyle concept store named "Filter017 CREALIVE". Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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