Titanium Love Earth Series Tableware - Made in Japan Pure Titanium Gold ECO Environmental Straw - Elegant Powder

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Titanium Love Earth Series Tableware - Made in Japan Pure Titanium Gold ECO Environmental Straw - Elegant Powder



Titanium Love Earth Series Tableware - Made in Japan Pure Titanium Gold ECO Environmental Straw - Elegant Powder


https://www.books.com.tw/img/N00/060/64/N000606472_t_03.jpg https://www.books.com.tw/img/N00/060/64/N000606472_t_04.jpg https://www.books.com.tw/img/N00/060/64/N000606434_t_04.jpg How does a Japanese horie job show titanium colors? Please see the following video introduction https://youtu.be/P2quVTEMYuc **"Safe and secure"** Light and durable titanium metal that does not rust will not cause metal allergy There is also no metal smell material. "Light (catalyst) antibacterial" As long as it is exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light, it can decompose bacteria or organic matter. Naturally purifies dirt and taste, and often stays clean. ECO environmental protection straw is a unique feature of Japan HORIE development. Eye-catching bright colors can take everyone’s eyes off. Subtle crystal base design, shining sparkling design. Perfect for personalized cocktails or fruit drinks. It's fascinating to use it once. Please try it. This is a very incredible sense of use. **/ Pure titanium material profile /** Safe, pure titanium cutlery, no rust, corrosion resistance, insoluble, color is The color emitted by the pure titanium metal itself is non-plated and scratched. No other alloy metal is released. Even if you accidentally eat titanium, it will not be absorbed by the body. **Photocatalyst effect** The light (catalyst) is clean when antibacterial! When exposed to light, decompose the bacteria to purify the dirt and taste. It does not leave fingerprints on the surface of the mirror polishing process, to solve the problem of titanium fingerprints easily residue, beautiful and does not leave fingerprints. **Fashion ECO Loves Earth** Bold and bright colors symbolize the noble titanium material, leading the trend of environmental protection, giving the earth a comfortable environment, Hold live beautiful nature. **Feather without burden** Titanium is lighter than aluminum, and it is light and easy to carry. It throws away the “heavy” burden of environmentally friendly dishes and is not easily damaged. Can be reused permanently. **/brand introduction/** Since it was established in 1985, Japan's HORIE company has been researching titanium metal development results for 20 consecutive years. It has succeeded in giving titanium metals a bright color, and it has appeared on titanium-loving Earth series products. All series of products are manufactured and designed in Japan. Pure titanium metal has photocatalytic effect, anti-allergy, no rust, environmental protection ECO, lightweight, strong and other characteristics. This high-tech product is mostly used in medical products (such as implants, artificial joints) and aerospace industry products. Pure titanium metal is light weight, high hardness and strong, it has excellent characteristics of no rust, also does not contain the characteristics of nickel metal does not lead to allergens. Photocatalyst has a bactericidal effect, in the light of pure titanium metal photocatalyst, play a bactericidal function. Titanium has such excellent characteristics. On the contrary, it is also a very difficult metal to process. The titanium products are generally It also gives a hard impression of artistic difficulty and beauty, but under the hard work of HORIE in Japan, With the industry's first high-level processing technology, technology and life craftsmanship are combined, and titanium love Earth series products are overthrown. Your understanding of titanium products. **/ Product specifications/** Made in Japan pure titanium straw - all 6 kinds 1 specification: about 19.2 cm in overall length About 6 mm in diameter Weight about 3.5g Material: pure titanium Place of Origin: Japan **/ Use and maintenance /** - After use, please wash with a non-abrasive neutral detergent and sponge. The inside of the suction tube can be cleaned with a small brush, then wiped with a soft cloth, and stored after drying. - Do not use a thin fiber cleaning brush, vegetable or cucumber cloth or steel brush for cleaning to avoid scratching the product. - This product has a photocatalytic effect. After cleaning, it is recommended to store in a dry place after drying. - Do not slam, this product will damage the product due to friction or impact. - When using hot food drinks, be careful about scalding. - After use, quickly clean the dishes with food and avoid stubborn residue. - Do not use this product for purposes other than dining. - Do not use alone to prevent accidents. - Please note that the tableware will be collected in a place where young children cannot get it. - This product cannot be used in a microwave or oven. **/ Other notes /** - Pure titanium straws are manufactured for semi-manufacturers in Japan. There may be a slight gap in the size of each straw. - The product may produce chromatic aberration due to shooting. The picture is for reference only. The product shall be based on the actual delivery style.


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