Environmentally friendly handmade cotton cloth sanitary napkin pad

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Benefits of using cloth sanitary napkins: It is not easy to contact with the skin and is not easy to rub and hurt. Reduc


Environmentally friendly handmade cotton cloth sanitary napkin pad


Taking advantage of the good weather a few days ago Unstained double-layered fabric with a washing powder made by a friend Sunburned back I flatten the wrinkled place with an iron one by one. Like my peace of mind Not afraid of sultry, not afraid of uncomfortable and good cleaning They are still in the storage box at the age of 2~3 years old. Ready to go out of the task Friends laugh at me. Cut a piece of film and cut it Piece pieces are hand-stitched in pieces and nailed to the buttons Convince girls to use at the market or online So how much time can you spend and make money? Thinking about it Keep doing what you feel right about Don't need to be big As long as you do it slowly, do it continuously. No requirement to profit from here But you can find some of them here :) Many friends asked to buy a few pieces to make replacement If you want to use cloth sanitary napkins all the way, you can refer to my own dosage. Then you know how to buy it :) Day 1: I used 2 pads and 2 tablets for daily use. Day 2: The usage is relatively large: The daytime change time is about 2~3 hours during the day (3 pieces of daily wings and 6 pieces of cotton pads) 1 night butterfly for night use Day 3: The usage is getting smaller: Use 2 pieces of butterfly with cotton pad during the day (the back is only a single piece of butterfly) Day 4: Butterfly 2 with 2 pads + 2 pads Day 5: 2~3 pads Benefits of using cloth sanitary napkins: It is not easy to contact with the skin and is not easy to rub and hurt. Reduce internal diseases, not sultry and breathable Environmental protection reduces waste generation Save money, a piece of sanitary napkin can be used for more than two years Pads are suitable for: use of maternal leakage of urine before and after menstruation or on weekdays (The production color is for the designer to choose, because the flower cloth will always be updated, so the color is randomly shipped, don't make an order if you care about the color, don't want to let you down!) The purchase will be accompanied by a hand-painted cleaning method at a glance. / Size, size, size / Pad size: Because the handmade size is estimated to be about 18 to 19 cm Random shipment does not pick the color, the price is one piece of the price / Material / 100% cotton undyed double cloth for skin contact I have bought a lot of brands and used a lot of materials. Later, the fabric was selected for use. The surface of the loose woven fabric allows for faster penetration. The tight weave of the lower layer can be absorbed, Let the skin dry, Cleaning makes the fabric last longer. After I changed this cloth, There is no reason to replace it. Lower layer of colored cotton fabric ***The button is always made of pure copper without rusting metal buttons, environmentally friendly spray paint is certified by sgs heavy metal content test*** / Use and maintenance methods / The wings of the butterfly are buckled at the bottom of the panties Skin contact surface is cotton undyed fabric Cleaning is simpler than you might think: Used sanitary napkins first wash away most of the blood stains under the tap Apply it to the blood stains with eco-friendly soap or crystal soap Soak in thick soapy water Remember to be strong Soak for 3~4 hours or gently wash it in the water after overnight. If the menstrual blood is thick and difficult to clean It is recommended to smear in soap and then soak / Designer and brand profile / We have lived in the city for more than 30 years. Last year decided to settle in his hometown of Yilan. I decided to live here because I wanted to live like this. Start to discover the possibilities of working besides working for the boss, Also prove their existence value. We want to leave time for ourselves, So start doing something that we think is good, So created this brand. Like wood, like cooking, like animals, like nature Create another life from Taiwan's old wood Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade


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