Matchwood Design Matchwood Rider Waterproof Notebook Backpack Backpack 17 Black Black Backpack Backpack

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Finding affordable backpacks with good looks and high performance is really not easy. If you have encountered this probl



Matchwood Design Matchwood Rider Waterproof Notebook Backpack Backpack 17 Black Black Backpack Backpack


This is a brand that adheres to all 100% handmade, precision-made bags.

Matchwood rider backpack

This section is for the sake of thinking about backpacks for express bikes.

And it is designed to be a three-day, two-night outbound large-capacity package.

Appearance retains the reflective elements of the most cycling elements and the fold-down opening design.

And adding a zip at the opening makes it easier to grab or place large items.

There is also a zipper opening on the side of the package body for quick access to small items and a kettle for sandwiches.

The back straps and the back of the bag body are all breathable mesh fabrics.

At the bottom of the bag, there is a devil felt adjustment belt that can carry a camera tripod or a large piece of clothing.

The Rider outer layer has a basic water repellent function, and the interior of the fabric is sewn with a waterproof material barrier.

If it has been wet, the surface will be wet but the inner moisture will not penetrate.

The internal 17-inch notebook exclusive sandwich.

Price: 2980 NTD.

Color: Black Grey / Black Blue / Snow Camo (End Sale) / Camouflage Black

Capacity: 22L

Size: 28 (W) X51 (H) X16 (Thickness) cm

17-inch notebook front and back protection mezzanine

Rider backpack itself weighs about 500 grams
The sewing seams are all precision-stitched and covered with high-cost 600D waterproof material.
The inner layer of waterproof paste makes the bag more three-dimensional and strong
The overall body and strap can bear more than 20 kilograms of weight
It can be said that it is a combination of appearance and function.
This is also one of the classic works designed for match wood!
It is also the style recommended by most friends!
Experience Ridre's charm together!

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At the same time, it has the appearance and super-functionality

To find affordable backpacks with good looks and high performance,

It's not that easy, if you have encountered this problem,

Maybe consider this article I want to introduce

"Matchwood Rider Bike Express Backpack."

Matchwood has a backpack every year, which is the most popular

The best-looking product, launched at the end of last year

"Matchwood Rider Bike Express Backpack"

Can be said to be the strongest representative

At first glance, people are quite amazing.

The exterior retains the reflective and underfold design of the most cycling elements.

The biggest difference is with the common backpack styles.

The upper opening is made of Devil Felt, and the general state can be folded back downwards.

Fastened through straps to form a multi-layered appearance, if you want more capacity,

Instead of reframing the upper half, immediately add three or four more pieces of clothing.

Not only that, both sides and bottom of the backpack have adjustable straps.

You can use a hanging stand, coat, or anything else that is functional enough.

Whether it is usual use or travel abroad, it is very suitable.

If you happen to like riding a bicycle, this is even more noteworthy.
▲ Matchwood Rider Bike Express Backpack
▲ In addition to the fact that the reflective strip is very important to the cycling rider, I think it's also very good to use it normally. When you're walking in a dim environment, you can feel it immediately after the car even if the headlights have not been photographed yet. Someone in place, early warning
▲ Matchwood Fur Leather Label
▲ There are two mezzanines in front. There are zippers that can hold some small things, such as keys, mobile phones, etc. The rear depth is also quite large. Placing novels and notebooks is not a problem.
▲ There are three stretching pens inside
▲ The outer hook is actually a very intimate design. Sometimes when the bag is not very heavy, it can be too lazy to hang around, or hang some common small things, such as a flashlight.
▲ There is also a zipper top
▲ The opening adopts the devil-felt bonding method
▲ There is a mezzanine on the back. The author puts a 15′′ Macbook Pro, and there is plenty of room next to it, so 17′′ is not a problem.
▲ When I went to Las Vegas on a business trip, I also used this backpack. I remember three short Tee, two shirts, one camera and one lens, Macbook Pro 15 吋, Seagate Wireless Plus, and Jabra. SOLEMATE MINI, as well as some small things, are not yet full, the capacity is really scary
▲ As above
▲ All zippers are made of well-known brands YKK
▲ In addition to adjustable straps on both sides, the design is not the same. The big matchwood logo is printed on the left side, and the zipper opening on the right side makes it easier for the user to hold the contents of the bag. Needless to say, Opening the upper opening is such a hassle
▲ The location is also designed to be just as easy to open the zipper with a little side back
▲ Decompression straps, middle section also use white lines embellishment, more back type
▲ There is also a devil felt adjustment belt at the bottom. You can hang the jacket here.

All plus one plus, Matchwood Rider cycling express backpack has a total of two zipper mezzanine, an outer mezzanine, a 22L inner mezzanine, a laptop mezzanine, and three adjustable straps and a small hook, rarely seen after the backpack The ability to produce such a large function, the point is that its appearance is also very good-looking.
Since I got this Rider backpack, it has been a bag that I will take out every day, because it is really easy to use. Sometimes I have to go out for three days and two nights, and the capacity is enough for me to hold all of them. Clothes and laptops, cameras, and tripods do not need to be over there.

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► Origin

Taiwan Design and Manufacturing
Design & Made in TAIWAN


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