♥ ♥ Annie crazy Antiquities Germany pink roses made of bone china flowers flower cup, coffee cups two groups - a romantic birthday gift tea

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♥ ♥ Annie crazy Antiquities Germany pink roses made of bone china flowers flower cup, coffee cups two groups - a romantic birthday gift tea


♥ ~ Origin: Germany ♥ ~ Material: fine bone china, Fine Bone China ♥ ~ Dimensions: Diameter 7cm x 6cm high cups and saucers Diameter: 13cm ♥ ~ International Shipping: United Kingdom Send Taiwan NT 250 plus, every Friday to send international express shipments to the receipt of approximately 6 days ♥ ~ Product details: Air flow fragrant flowers bud thoughts, Whether it is deep blue-purple, sweet pink pink, Lively dancing orange, The totem show on the pale bone china cup. Rich sense of visual hierarchy Meticulous painter, Glance revealed the style of German culture Coffee cup is not the same before and after the drawing (Figure 2) No fancy lace Phnom Penh, there are only elegant and fresh flowers totem The same series of goods as well as flower pot, milk pot pond Bowl with each other (Figure 4). Interested friends are welcome to visit the store to buy Advantages bone china cup: good cleaning, good maintenance, very light mood will use special pleasure ^^ ~. Goods without scratches, cracks or crack angle, gold edge part also saved quite complete. ♥ ~ bone maintenance mode 1. gold platinum side dishes not use a microwave oven. 2. Hand wash dishes, avoid using lotion coarse scouring pads or abrasive nature, drinking rinse immediately with lukewarm water. 3. Do not use washing dishwasher, because the dishwasher rinse way, there will be long-term down bone surface scratches. 3. When storing dishes, do not stack, so as not to scratch the glaze. 4. Although the bone surface is very hard, at the front of the stack dishes may be cut on the back of the upper bowl pan. Between the disk and the disk is recommended to isolate tissue. ♥ ~ Good News ~ "Annie Antiquities crazy" fans group has been established in FB ~ ^^ chatter as long as the FB income seeking "Annie crazy Antiquities", then press into a praise, at the same time with the same friends you can share the fun of collecting antiquities Yo ~ Welcome to "Crazy Annie Antiquities" has become one of the members of antiquities treasure hunt Oh ^^ ~ If you want to merge the other stores to buy goods, please let me know which items of merchandise to merge, I will calculate shipping costs for you and 10% off total freight charges back buyers, thank you! Please read before Cheung subscript About Me Commodity inevitably color photographs. Please give details before the next picture and description of goods marked read. Commodity perfectionist buyers, please carefully consider before the next mark. I am happy to answer any questions on the commodity. Thank you for visiting me and hope everyone enjoy your shopping here Origin / manufacturing methods German system


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