Fancy Moon * Reborn Bristle ‧ Ring in Sterling Silver

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Who can not be tears and shame before the rebirth That will always remember us Cry because I can cry Laugh because there



Fancy Moon * Reborn Bristle ‧ Ring in Sterling Silver


__**※ custom ring around, about 2 weeks, please refer to the ring table letter later discussion**__ **/ Product Description and Story /** The Bible records Jesus wearing the crown of thorns before he was crucified To be teased ridiculed by humiliation After being crucified dead to revive Outflow of blood so that all people get clean and salvation Replacing life and freedom of the world with life Running in the constantly being shredded and patchwork conversion Seek the freedom that has been regained with radiant light Take another chance to find the crown of thorns that belongs to us Heavy carved decaying mark Who can not be tears and shame before the rebirth That will always remember us Cry because I can cry Laugh because there is still sunshine tomorrow The overall acquisition of black matte treatment, irregular thorns interwoven, each side has a different feeling, after the trimming is not a thorn, so that when you wear safety and comfort. Ring around can be customized. ※ This section of each ring of thorns intertwined way will not be the same, there may be slightly different photos and are randomly trimmed, if mind those who do not subscript Oh! **/ Size, size, size, weight /** About 1cm high (Both take the maximum, manual trimming are errors, please forgive me) **The current spot size (US Wai)** # 7.5 Ring diameter: 5.59cm Diameter of the inner circumference: 1.78cm (Size can be customized, for other ring around, please send a letter to discuss) (Different sizes can be replaced free of charge, just pay back and forth postage) **/ Material /** 925 sterling silver **/ Package /** Small gift box, silver polishing cloth, storage zipper bag, small security card, kraft paper bag **/ Operate and maintain /** 1. There are black pieces of work, the color will change with the friction; mirror works are more prone to scratches, are a normal phenomenon. The charm of metal lies in the gloss at any time different. But as long as regular wear, you can maintain its luster, the more wear the more bright. 2. Silverware is not in contact with the human body parts (grooves, corners, slender Department) black easily after a long time, is a normal phenomenon. If you do not like the shine after the change, you just need to refurbish and maintain it and you can be like the new one. 3. Avoid wearing to the hot springs caused by curing yellow and dark; do not wear when included in the zipper bag. 4. If contaminated with dust, sweat, grease, available silver polishing cloth, or with water, soap and water gently wash, do not rub hard. 5. When the silver has a slight yellowing black, you can try to use silver cloth or silver wash simple maintenance. However, the silver wash water will have a slight corrosion, will destroy the original black sulfide effect, or cause the disappearance of shallow lines, please consider the use. 6. Regular maintenance, intentions admitted, often wear, is the best way to treat each jewelry. 7. Fine silver chain for the machine, if you want to break can not rely on manual repair, need to re-purchase, wear do not pull hard. / Designer and brand profile / Silver is a metal, usually giving a cold feeling But it is infinitely expanded, with a wide range of fantasy to create Ordinary things will no longer be ordinary Life is the same We all have a lot of sad or happy experiences If we can leave these experiences well Be our moving story Then our seemingly ordinary life will eventually be no longer ordinary Pass this spirit out Let every one come to Fancy Moon to buy jewelry friend Can bring their own story well preserved home Fancy the light of our lives Keep precious memories in your own life Fancy Moon * Create a fantasy story of silverware


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