Doll shoes - KATE sheep skin black

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Super imaginative soft sheepskin, naturally exudes a good charm, the first folding ballet shoes with the concept of light travel, 100% handmade handmade, inner and insole for breathable pigskin, long-wearing still comfortable; shoe elastic band The width c



Doll shoes - KATE sheep skin black


Southgate's new brand, Southgate Plus, is the most demanding hand-made leather shoe for the pursuit of meticulous taste. The first folding ballet shoes with the concept of light travel is 100% handmade and hand-made. The inner and insole are breathable pigskin. It is still comfortable for a long time. The elastic band of the shoe can be adjusted freely for various foot types. The leather sole is attached. Anti-slip rubber sole, wear-resistant and non-slip. A non-woven bundle pocket is also included for easy storage. Today's shoe industry is due to cost considerations and technology inheritance. Most of the soles have been replaced by rubber materials, and leather shoes with leather are becoming less and less common. Southgate, which likes to experiment with possibilities, offers another different taste options. Natural leather has pores that make it breathable and wicking, and the weight of the leather shoes is lighter than the rubber sole! The shoes are not only to protect your feet, but also a kind of life attitude. With a pair of well-fitting folding shoes, you can always put them in your bag and want to go where you want to go! **This version is normal, please purchase in normal size** [Leather shoes maintenance method] 1. Regularly clean the upper and maintain waxing 2. Do not wear the same pair of shoes for a long time, let the moisture evaporate 3. Avoid raining in the rainy days. Please wear the wet shoes after the shoes are worn. 4. Place a ventilated place on weekdays 5. The sole must be clean and kept dry during long storage. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan **About return** __Exchange process__ 1. If you want to customize or order the goods, you will not be accepted for replacement. Please contact us before you exchange. 2. If you want to exchange goods, please contact us within 7 days from the next day after receiving the goods. 3. Please send the complete item within 15 working days after the successful replacement application. The returned item must be unused, complete package and accessories and invoice, and use the station to inform us to use the logistics. Unit and shipping number. 4. Each order is exchanged by the buyer to bear the return shipping cost, and the replacement goods are sent again, we will bear. If you exchange more than one time, the buyer will have to pay for the return shipping at the second time. In addition, if it is for the transportation of goods, the return of the goods and the delivery of the goods will be borne by the buyer. 5. We will send the designated replacement items within 7 working days after receiving the exchanged goods and confirming the status of the goods. __Return process__ 1. If you are customizing or ordering goods, you will not be allowed to return the goods. Please contact us before returning. 2. The refund application must be submitted within 7 days from the next day after receipt of the goods. 3. We will contact you within 3 working days after receiving the application. 4. Please send the complete product within 4 working days after the refund application. The returned goods must be unused and have complete packaging and accessories and invoices. We will inform you of the use of logistics units by letter from the station. Shipping number. 3. We will confirm the status of the goods and complete the refund process within 3 working days after receiving the goods. **About logistics considerations** __Hong Kong area - SF Express__ Please note that depending on the recipient address, SF Express will charge the recipient a different surcharge. The surcharge will be charged directly by SF Express and the shipping fee on the order will not include a surcharge. **For other countries, please refer to the relevant shipping instructions below.**


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