Hand Strap - Rush X leather (width)

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113kobo ショップへ

Hand Strap - Rush X leather (width)


Triangle Lin skin-friendly good, Rush fiber light itself, toughness and good elasticity, but also with absorbent, breathable, deodorant, hand-braided bursts could be heard to rush grassy, with such qualities made the camera strap, very practical .
In addition to the heavy camera we take into consideration is no longer add to the burden on the neck, touching the skin of the face is very comfortable, is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design work.
~ The basic color is not in conflict with any clothing ~

/ 113 design was developed by Kobo, Taiwan Rush Institute assisted in the production /

※ natural materials, hand-woven production, product size, color and shape are slightly different.
※ Rush with a one-piece hand-knit, middle grass then the situation will not be affected by the use. The above situation can accept re-order.

/ Material /
100% triangle Rush, leather, nylon belt, plastic fasteners

Is about 75 cm (excluding nylon belt and buckle), Kuan strap about 3.5 cm
Nylon rope Kuan 1 cm, length adjustable on both sides.

/ Use and maintenance info /
1. Rush woven products and avoid water immersion.
2. In case of stains, use a warm towel to wipe dry after twist, can be dried naturally.
3. In case of damp and moldy, the first not to be water immersion, should be placed after dried under the sun Sunburn (about twenty minutes), and then moved to a cool place, with a brush in addition to mildew, dirt and slightly damp towel Wipe clean.
4. After exposure, herbaceous more brittle, must first cool, avoid that is folded or extruded, so as not to break the stems.
5. When a little dry storage reduce moisture, cool dry place to save the place to put Cabinets best.

/ Designers and brand profile /
113 Kobo actively engaged in mining industry, the driving force of urban and rural features and charm, design philosophy focuses on the good use of resources in the ground, highlighting the characteristics of the material itself, as well as emphasis on the human and environmentally friendly appeal.
We use land resources <contains: material, technology, labor>, creative enough to render social and cultural characteristics of the product, and hopes to provide a fair and reasonable wages to deserve the people, but through the design approach, so that the material obtained becomes was useful and unique, and to the highest standards and materials to produce goods, we are convinced that design is not just buying and selling a commodity issues, better reflect the users and producers of faith and persistence, we are also actively involved in many Community Development recycling activities in the hope that our efforts to develop in the spirit of Taiwan, but also to those in the industry to be able to sustainable development.

/ Origin & Manufacturing info /
Taiwan / handmade

/ About International Shipping /
International shipping instructions /
1. The current use of land and water postoffice international parcel sent, but a ceiling of two kilograms, the advantage of cheaper freight, the disadvantage is the post office does not bear responsibility for the loss, if any scruples, please contact letter.
2. more than 2 kg of international shipping is more complicated and expensive, if the museum inadvertently detailed description, please email inquiry will be sent in accordance with the order quantity and the country, the Commission requested the post office or the international air companies offer.


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