Embroidery key ring pen finger doll - dog

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Embroidery key ring pen finger doll - dog


[Embroidery keychain] - Geometric animals - dog keychain / individual animals / geometry / embroidery ~ Art Light sticky
One day the animals meet to travel to Egypt
Inevitably visit the pyramid
Before the famous Sphinx body
Mr. Lion deliberately mimics the human figure of the Sphynx in order to heat up the atmosphere
As a result of disrespect for the Holy Land, so everyone's appearance has been a Sphinx into a mummy
But Mr. Lion, Mr. Pig, Mr. Leopard, Mr. Orangutan and Mr. Dog look great after turning into mummies
After returning to the fauna is treated as a hero and become a central figure
This incident caused a stir in the animal circle
Everyone fought to travel to Egypt
What kind of animal heroes want to hurry to choose a favorite!

Features |
Set on the finger, animal role-playing way to inspire children's creative thinking, to promote parent-child language interaction
The function of the pen case makes the style of the stationery more changeable, making writing and drawing a pleasant experience
Bonus key ring buckle chain, in addition to easy to carry, withholding. Creative embroidery design can also be dazzling personal accessories

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Use | Normal is the key ring, remove the key ring becomes a pen, do not like pen can become a finger doll.
Specifications | Each size is different, about 4.5 (W) * 12 (H) cm with key ring | 1 small double-sided embroidery | stainless steel key ring 1
Packaging | Kraft paper box | 8.9 (W) * 12 (H) cm
Origin | Taiwan
Language | Chinese
Price | a total of 5 models, each NT220
For whom |
People who like origami, people who love origami but lazy origami, people who like origami but do not origami
Like fashion but with temperature, like animals but not cute animals, like masks but only like to see people
People who like to scare children, people who do not know finger dolls, people who have not played finger dolls, children who clamored to play finger dolls

Shipping rules |
【delivery time】
Remittances will be confirmed within 24 hours after the goods will be sent to you (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays).

【Logistics time】
7-11 Send the time for 2 days before 5 o'clock today to send the day before noon
The whole family to send a convenient delivery time of 2 days, send unlimited days after today
Delivery within about 3 working days after delivery (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).

Literary light sticky reminder |
● Real products and computer monitors will have subtle color, willing to accept friends to buy Oh!
● If you have any questions about the product, please click "Contact Designer" on the right side of the window. We will reply as soon as possible.

Brand Profile |
We are literary light sticky, feel the temperature allows people to be closer to each other.
We look forward to combining the embroidery process with Taiwanese culture, adding elements of innovation and nostalgia, and integrating it into people's lives.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan design / made in Taiwan