"Ermao Silver" [soda and ice crystal bracelet stone paragraph] (Code: 0004)

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"Ermao Silver" [soda and ice crystal bracelet stone paragraph] (Code: 0004)


▲ silver on wool

Metalworking, wax carving, hand-made way to present a sense of gentle metals.
Material: brass, silver 92.5, A Grade Zircon, a natural ore.
Precious metal to produce wool mind back garden,
From the first draft to the finished casting throw repair, curing, polishing,
Each piece of jewelry has a story behind and implications
Let guests only, just bought a home accessories,
But with the story home belonging wool.

▲ Product Material:

Pure brass, ice crystal, soda stone, steel wire imported from Japan

▲ Product Number:


▲ ore description:

Soda ore unique cutting surface, each one has a different accumulation of years,

Like the pan-blue sunny day, brings out a piece of cloud.

Soda stone, also known as sodalite [], has a long history of evil dark blue lucky stone,

Soda stone has a quiet, powerful fluctuations, has a mysterious force gems.

The new release of deep grudges, fear and other negative emotions,

Bring a strong will and a keen intuitive force.

▲ wristband or bracelet size:

Discount section, in order to extend the chain design, to 15.5 cm ~ 19 cm can be worn around the hand.

If more than this size range, subject to build.

PS. If more than 20 cm, plus the cost of materials required, please contact the designer.

▲ size selection mode:

Hand ring and bracelet: will tape measure against his wrist perimeter,

If there is no tape, you can use a thin wire around the circle hands after using the ruler to measure to get flat

Known around the size of the hand.

▲ 92.5 sterling silver or copper jewelry maintenance mode:

1. Ermao design jewelry, no electroplated, all mining natural materials itself,

After wearing, vary with the weather, temperature, sweat a little oxidation,

Will be transformed into a deep bronze Chak, copper jewelry, not perfume injection.

2. Can toothbrush dampened with toothpaste, brushing bracelet, make sure you have completed Bracelet dry cleaning,

No residual moisture, otherwise it will accelerate the oxidation, or with silver polishing cloth,

After brushing with oil or wipe copper, will restore the original luster.

3. The proposal often wear copper jewelry, body fat,

Copper jewelry can produce naturally moist beautiful sheen.

▲ ore maintenance:

1. Avoid collisions with other metals in order to avoid scratches.

2. inevitably stick all day wearing sweat, grease, you can wipe with a soft cloth.

3. away from the spa or other chemical solutions (such as lotion, skin care products).

4. When not wearing, please use zipper bags receipt good, avoid sun exposure, close to the fire, in order to avoid heat deterioration or broken ore.

5. Regular degaussing clearing and preparation of crude salt water soak for 3 hours.

▲ Note:

1. From sterling silver or solid brass ornaments handmade production order in a long time,

Such as commodity no longer need to wait for inventory to complete.

2. The computer display may be color, if there are doubts about the color, please contact the designer.

3. every single natural minerals are formed through the accumulation of several centuries,

Will be slightly different, may be a crack or small flaws, natural stone and every single has its own

Unique texture or ice cracks, the same can not be related to every single photo on

Ermao have tried to filter, make sure to accept another subscript purchase.


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