Warm heart limited to double mask 5 + 1 / family portrait

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Warm heart limited to double mask 5 + 1 / family portrait


The whole house double-sided masks
Buy five to send one (please in this store under a single standard subscript)
Five can specify the color and style (oval or rectangular)
Do not pick a random shipment (hidden version of color)
Please make the order in the remarks column to explain the desired color and version type

Double-sided masks are made of Japanese fabrics or American fabrics / materials
Inside the use of Taiwan cotton fabric
Design exclusive function - suede made of anti-wrinkle cloth side, so you wear a mask on both sides will not be wrinkled, increase the aesthetics, especially the double-sided can be worn, side fancy, a plain can be used for clothing for conversion.
Photo for the positive photo, behind the fabric and suede color on both sides of the random shipment, do not pick color
The masks are elliptical and long
Oval upper and lower width slightly wider, can cover the nose above
Rectangle for the normal size, can cover half of the bridge of the nose

Sided mask / oval / slightly wider width, can cover the nose above

Small fresh meat oval-shaped mask side of the photo / suede cloth completely covered without loopholes

Oval double-sided masks / both sides can be worn to your life good mood

Suede cloth side / characteristic hand suture

Sided mask / rectangular / normal size, can cover half of the bridge of the nose

Small fresh meat long side of the mask side of the photo / suede cloth completely covered without loopholes

Rectangular double-sided mask / both sides can be worn with clothing to do modeling

● Please confirm your own needs
For example: the hat to confirm the size of the head circumference, the design of short clip and clip the function and size size
Whether the recipient is like the product
● selected goods style, color and size
● Any questions before the subscript can be asked by the private designer, please pay within 5 days after the subscript,
7 days without payment, Pinkoi system will give three stars negative evaluation.
● Please refer to the time of delivery of goods and the number of days of delivery. After payment, it will ship in time.
● Customized goods belong to individual exclusive products. Please confirm the order of the cloth and the sewing pattern. When the subscripts are filled in the remarks column, the designer will use the cloth order on the remarks column, the sewing pattern and the demand basis. Any changes to the fabric, change the button pattern and color, if you must change the requirements on the remarks column, will be charged to change the cost (100-200 yuan).
● Hand-made goods will have a small thread or size error (1-2CM), this is a normal phenomenon, the other screen display may cause color difference, do not color, the size of the product size, the recipient is like the goods Reason to request returned goods.

Customized goods
1. Customized short clip: 14-21 days
2. Customized in the folder: 14-21 days
3. Self-designed pattern purchase: about 21 days
● Design short clip and clip in the spot area
1. Embroidery design short clip: 5-7 days
2. Embroidery design folder: 7-10 days
● bags of goods
1. modeling pocket purse: 3-5 days
2. Three bags / universal bag / pencil: 5-7 days
3. Travel function oblique packet package: 10-14 days
● other goods
1. hat class: 5-7 days
2. Mask categories: 1-2 days
3. Circle: 1-2 days
● If the goods are in stock, the remittance can be sent on the same day before 13:00 pm. After more than 13:00, the remittance will be sent the next day. If the goods are not in stock, the re-production time will be listed above. Ask the designer whether there is a spot item.

● Taiwan
1. Mail registration: 1-2 days arrival of the island, 2-3 days outside the arrival of the island
2. Super merchandise: 2 days arrival
There is no cash on delivery service
● mainland, Hong Kong, Macao area
1. Always use Shunfeng cargo shipping: about 2-3 days arrival
2. If you need special air mail, please contact the designer, or indicate on the remarks column
● other areas
All use the China Post Airways registered mail delivery
The arrival time varies according to the arrival area
● post office delivery time: Monday to Friday sent, more than six days in the market activities are not sent Oh

Origin / manufacturing method
Made in Taiwan


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