Christmas pinecone styling memo clip

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Pine cones memo clip Lovely pine cone with warm fur ball Like a little Christmas tree beside the cute white elk accompan



Christmas pinecone styling memo clip


Pre-purchase tips NOTIC

Product introduction
In the past, a strange little boy lived in the dark forest. He usually hid in his own cabin. He only appeared at a special time. It was Christmas and horsepower only liked Christmas and Christmas. As he approached, he began to decorate his wooden hut, prepared the Christmas tree, invited everyone to play in the chalet, and prepared a small gift for everyone, because he kept all the happiness and luck of the year on this day. , For the sake of letting everyone be happy forever.
► About the product
A flower and plant itself are different shapes and more completely the same shape
2 Flowers and plants will also be easier due to seasonal changes.
We will choose the best season flowers and plants
3 photos are real shot but can not guarantee exactly the same color and shape packaging.
4 can not provide the production of urgent goods, every kind of goods are carefully selected after receiving the purchase of selected production
5 We make every product carefully [If you are not satisfied with the product, please take a picture and contact us so that we can assist you in the first time. We will give you a return or change your order according to the situation. I hope you do not hurry to give poor evaluation, personal studio management is not easy, we strive to make good works to more people see, thank you for your cooperation]

You can first letter to ask or assessment after the purchase.

► About the size
About 9X9 cm block size pine itself height of about 10cm (each pineal is natural, so the size of different)!

► Care
All the flowers used are dried flowers! So put it where you want to just fine. No need to watering, best to watch for 2 years. In addition, we do not special add flavor, so the smell of smell is natural and will not choke the taste! But do not put it in damp places, too wet will dry moldy flowers.

► About delivery
Delivery goods do not include production time is about 1 day
Convenience store (shop-to-store) does not include production time is about 3 days
In order to maintain the quality of potted plants, some potted products do not provide store-to-store delivery services at convenience stores. We have not been able to monitor them personally because of the shipping company's delivery process. Therefore, there are risks involved. Please forgive me. Thank you.
Flowers and plants can not be sent abroad and can not provide transhipment services
Each kind of goods are handmade production time is about 4 ~ 5 working days

► About us
Enjoying life, Feng's work has always been a creative concept of “seeking pleasure in life and enjoying life from fun”. In our works, you can discover some small pleasures. In a simple appearance, you will find that you have hidden your heart. That funny picture, and when you're savoring, you're beginning to enjoy life. We also continue to find inspiration from life, to share the events belonging to everyone.

► Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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