Grapefruit handmade glass - hairpin - classic mix color (shallow blue)

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mojoy1680 ショップへ

Grapefruit handmade glass - hairpin - classic mix color (shallow blue)


Classic color mixing techniques

Shallow blue glass beads inside the live white spray
A wave of waves
To convey the sea fell in love with the forest

Have a lingering meaning as our feelings
Rubbing into this glaze how to divide and not open

Summer long hair girls are super easy to learn skills - hairpin

* Let the air flow in the hair, so that the scalp is less prone to inflammation (important)
* Can be placed in a pencil case or bag pen pocket, easy to carry

★ photos on the black color hairpin has long been out of stock, will be directly replaced by white k hairpin, if the white k color hairpin is also out of stock, will be sent to the copper hairpin
Before shipment can first look at the photos in the photo, if no special instructions, will be shipped randomly

★ & glued hairpin used after a period of time will be natural oxidation, may produce discoloration, mind the water do not subscript

* Grapefruit handmade glass is to promote the Earth's environmental protection + hermit crab exchange activities, in order to care for our mother, do not take the initiative to provide gorgeous packaging, the use of simple packaging and paper bags, if you want to give away, please take the initiative to inform the need for packaging

* Please pay attention to the remaining details of the right "design tube trading policy"

★ 14 days for the production work period, the international letter may be more than 14 days of work, in a hurry, please do not subscript

Glass size: about 1.2cm in diameter (+ - 2mm)
Hairpin length: about 13.3cm (+ - 2mm)
Tassel length: about 3.3cm (+ - 2mm)

Material / Handmade Baking Glazed + Fine Iron Hairpin + Czech Crystal + Square Blackstone + Irregular Stone (Light Blue)

Glass parts do not very strong impact, although the impact is generally more harmless but also do not recommend (for example, accidentally fell to the ground), hairpin body do not vigorously strip off, do not put in the damp place

brand introduction:
Need to 1300 degrees fire to harden the chain of "glass" is God's gift to the fire, grapefruit wood hand glass to show the glass, not just ornaments, but also a can into the life of small works of art, Among them, hidden in a unique tough passion
Origin / manufacturing method
Grapefruit wood handmade glass designer exclusive design to build


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