Hakka Magnolia cat white porcelain cup

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Hakka Magnolia cat white porcelain cup


In Hakka life, the cat's culture already exists, such as Hakka proverbs "black cat white belly worth two thousand five hundred, spoon the two heads worth two thousand six hundred" is a spoon plug (compensation) cat, ad hoc response to Chi winning story. Means the evil intents of people, for the greedy lust, poisoned himself adept at catching mice black, Wa married a neighbor, the desire to extortion claims and thus occupy people wife. Fortunately, the poor woman, the Jizhongshengzhi to damage spoon grounds, Bu Wei no compensation for its black, anti-want their compensation worth more than black rice spoon. There are ill-intentioned, it is difficult to succeed, runs the risk of throwing good money after bad connotation account.
"Reverend Mother cat catch cats child to see, discuss heart uncle look Yeniang" general kittens and cat like many places, people also; so the bride should first investigate the woman's parents before Xiapin.
"Cat face wash, rain appeared" cat's front feet on the face when caught, represents going to rain.

Hakka kitchen decorative features, "cabbage Cat" called the Hakka common kitchen decor theme. "Cabbage cat" as cabbage and cat composition, by euphony "Mao" cat represents longevity of life and a symbol of "innocent" of cabbage, meaning 'I clean', or in a combination of four cabbage and cat, borrow " four "and the" world "homonym, meaning" clear 白传世. " "Cabbage Cat" no doubt passed from generation to generation in the homily and expectations.
Note: Mao [mào]: refers to old age, the age of eight or nine years old, and the cat [mao] same harmonics.

Hakka ancestors, worship gods or worship at the temple in "Uncle" when love Bong tea and flowers, to express respect for the gods and a sincere heart, but also very environmentally friendly concept. Hakka Uncle altar must have elixir flower (newcomer flower), the first month of the 15th year, the year before the family has added a new small males, parents must keep a newcomer to Uncle Tan Ban worship and newcomer Ban Plug newcomer on flowers, to show solemn sincerity. Dear Uncle flowers while others have smiling, sweet-scented osmanthus, Magnolia, Orange month, Huang Zhi, tree orchid, magnolia, arranged in various kinds of colorful platter.

Hakka kitchen decor using traditional "cat" and "platter material" these two kinds of traditional Chinese culture, cat (Mao) and the Image of flowers, to create a new style of ceramic cup, natural clay to enhance the texture of the material leaving the appliance, focus on creativity , uniqueness, customers feel that they want to buy to buy the equipment, and others to buy different, everyone put aside its traditional image and experience over new experience.


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