Nantou State Garden Wash (227g)

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Taste spectrum: Nuts, cocoa, honey, almonds, long lasting sweet.



Nantou State Garden Wash (227g)


"product description"

Sengao Coffee cooperated with the Nantou County Country Surname Production Specialties Production Class II to launch a boutique-grade medium light roasted arabica coffee bean. The country's surnamed Guocao is cultivated using natural agricultural methods. The raw bean fruit is full, with a hint of grassy fragrance, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is a zero-pollution and zero-pollution "green coffee." After baking, taste spectrum is rich, taste is clear, sweet, sweet, not bitter, caramel flavor spread taste buds, drink endless finish, Gan Gan lasting, is the favorite of professional bakers.

The high-ranking coffee roasters raided the cups and found out the baking depth that was closest to the medium and shallow roast that best represented the taste spectrum of the beans. The characteristics of the country's surnamed coffee lies in its sweetness and sweetness: unlike the general name of "returning to Gan", the country's surname coffee has a long and long aftermath. After drinking, the sweetness is like honey and it stays in the mouth for a long time. After the beans are allowed to cool, they can only see the real skills. This bean can be used to brewed and boiled in any way. It can be said that the honey in Taiwan bean is rare.

"Bean Bean"

Unlike old-fashioned beans, which are commercially available in "polished coffee," fine coffee can only be fresh. The freshly baked coffee is a fresh product. The inside of the bean is undergoing chemical changes. Carbon dioxide will be properly discharged. It is called "exhaust" and the process lasts from three days to one week. In this stage, the chemical substances in the cooked beans continue to be converted, and the carbon dioxide fills the container or bag to form a protective layer, which helps the bean conversion process to reduce oxidation. The process of this conversion is the “bean raising” in the mouth of the Baked Beanie, which is also a necessary process for the formation of coffee flavor.

A single-way exhaust valve is attached to the product package of Sensaoka. One-way exhaust valve function is to raise beans. When the freshly baked beans exhaust exceeds the upper limit of the container volume, excess gas can be discharged through the one-way exhaust valve. Because it is "unidirectional", the stored bean cans/bags do not absorb oxygen during the process and cause oxidation, so they can be considered sealed until they are opened.

After the roaster finishes baking, we will conduct 8 hours of controlled temperature and humidity aeration before the beans are sealed or bagged. However, at this time, “bean raising” is still in progress. It is recommended that you don’t hurry to open the envelope after receiving the beans. If you compare the baking date on the bottom of the can or bag, open it on the fifth day from the baking date. Enjoy the most delicious coffee. Usually this is the same day you receive the beans and it will not cause you to wait too long.

The process of “bean raising” is carried out with coffee beans and consumers. We recommend that consumers drink from sections of Kaifeng and experience the varied flavors of the beans as they ripen.

"Save and use"

Coffee beans have to be fresh. Each jar of beans in Sensauga coffee is freshly baked for you. The viewing time is about 4 weeks from the baking date. Please use it as soon as possible (whether it is opened or not), and remember to place it in a cool place with low humidity. Do not expose it to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

We will place a deoxidizer in each can/bag when we ship. The purpose of the deoxidizer is to eliminate the oxygen in the cans/bags when “beans are raised” so as to prevent the effect of “bean breeding” from decreasing. Deoxidizer can not extend the preservation time after opening the can. Please throw it away after opening the cans/bags. Do not eat it!

However, due to the relationship between temperature and humidity, the preservation time of coffee beans will change due to seasons and climate. If you can't finish drinking or it's too hot, it is recommended that you place the coffee beans in the refrigerator and keep it cool. As a reminder, due to the high humidity in Taiwan, it is easy to get moisture from the refrigerator when you remove the beans. Remember to grind the beans before you take them out. Don't let the cans leave the refrigerator too soon.

"Reusable cans"

The storage jars of Mori coffee are accompanied by a one-way exhaust valve, which can be used for the preservation of coffee beans. It is recommended that customers can use it repeatedly, then purchase soft bag products, enjoy the benefits while doing environmental protection, and make every effort for the earth.

The storage bean cans are tinplate cans and can be wiped inside the cans. Cleaning with water is not recommended. To put in the dishwasher, do not use cleaners to prevent the detergent from penetrating the one-way breather valve and dry it as soon as possible after washing to prevent rust.

"Introduction to origin"

Located in the center of Taiwan, Guoxing Township walked out of the coffee road from the scab of the 921 earthquake. Thirteen years of hard work have made this Hakka township, named after Zheng Chenggong, become the largest coffee producing area in Taiwan. The production area adopts safe agricultural methods to cultivate, insist on not using herbicides and avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers. The beans are full and full of texture, and the texture is warm, and they are more durable than ordinary coffee. It is the biggest feature of the country's name coffee.


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