☆ Rainbow forest ☆ [custom] Sweetheart ‧ big cupcake soap wedding gift Valentine's Day gift was a small birthday gift for Mother's Day gifts

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☆ Rainbow forest ☆ [custom] Sweetheart ‧ big cupcake soap wedding gift Valentine's Day gift was a small birthday gift for Mother's Day gifts


☆ Rainbow Forest Nature ‧ ‧ feel life ☆

Enrich the lives of a small corner

Let rise in a small mouth slightly fortunate indeed ~

order. . .

Enjoy your meal at bath time



[Order] Handmade gift

☆ large. Cupcake soap series ☆

~ Sweetheart ‧ big soap gift cupcakes ~

‧ random color
‧ randomly assigned Soap



Colors from plants and minerals, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, red, and so on .... no chemical pigment color.

Rainbow soap derived from natural forests. Natural original soap without perfume is the result of a variety of plant oils or beeswax mixed with alkaline water, the smell is very close with the smell of oil and base integration; or capture the essence of plants, dropped all sorts of chain quenching oils, pure Lu , fresh herbs or mining plants and flowers impart nuances ..... no artificial flavors.

Reduce chemical allergens, more at ease ~


The commodity happy houseful gift packaging, shipping package our environmental philosophy proper protection to be able to safely reach your hands.


Here there is a single add slight nuances of forming soap.
Unlike natural taste of artificial flavors highlight the strong lasting aroma is kind of random, from the sweet orange, rosemary, thyme, cloves, cinnamon, lemon grass, lavender, lemon, jasmine, rose, osmanthus, bay leaf, verbena Houttuynia, sage, mint, lemon balm, patchouli, eucalyptus, tea tree, cypress, chamomile flowers and essential oils, etc .. add, a wide range of non-eleven published.

We will still have to consider the unique smell did not like, or can be made to avoid making the specified favorite fragrance, then please let us formulate additional matters.


Soap color random, random aroma, happiness Full House package (peach pink, lavender purple) is also random color.


/ Thing about custom processes /
Please make sure the needs of soap gift
1. soap paragraph style, or a single package containing parts of the budget (excluding shipping charges).
2. The total number of copies.
3. Arrival Date (please customers custom oh)
4. The additional purchase (guest soap type, color, aroma, to the word, packaging, and other urgent ..... individual custom)
(Not specifically asked soaps are scenting, random color)
Will first distinguish & P or courier according to the above items:

If Dispatch:
To estimate the general condition of the order: the arrival of 15 working days (excluding holidays) are urgent, special orders are also exceptions, may require more time.
Dispatch Please ask us whether duly arrived, we can finish the day of arrival is the default status of the order and recorded -
Please let us know
1. Soap money.
2. Number.
3. Send the county, township and district towns.

/ About the size, the color, the aroma of things /
‧ soap about 6 cm wide, about 10 km long side of the packaging side, the soap is about 3 times the weight of a small cup cake, soap weight and size will change over time, evaporation of water.
‧ are generally random color, soap and packaging specified color (handmade or have shades of color), please notify us for a quote.
‧ are generally random aroma, fragrance if you want to add, please let us know the number, the type of aroma in another inquiry.
‧ unscented soap original: the original material will taste and plant oil itself over time will convert smell, the smell of sensitivity, please order aroma soap.
‧ Fu soap: natural aroma chemical flavor with generally very different, more difficult to have a long natural aroma of incense holders, after the full moon after aging, the aroma soap surface easily lost, may be close to smell the smell is not that, but the internal the aroma will remain more hidden will feel bursts of fragrance after washing.

/ On the use and preservation info /
‧ follow the ripening dates before using.
‧ When using slightly wet hands, gently rub the soap, then rinse foam.
‧ Avoid storing wet, heat, light and keep dry.
‧ We only use natural ingredients, there is frost phenomena and gradually faded color random situation, natural aroma soap will not so rich and incense holders, these are the natural characteristics of the product.

/ Designers and brand profile /

Rainbow ☆ Rainbow forest natural forest feel ‧ ‧ life ☆

About Rainbow Forest Soap things ~

Each piece of soap for us are like newborn Baby, must be careful nursing,

From start preparing soap material, the order made, stirring manner, temperature and time of moderation,

In the end it feel to wear warm clothes, no not in order to give people the feeling of happiness.

Uphold only natural ingredients insistence, we select the most satisfied with the natural formula,

Accompanied by colorful style and a stunning natural aroma, so that everyone can experience natural happiness ~

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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