Super Mao eighteen colleagues (stationery magnets)

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Super Mao eighteen colleagues (stationery magnets)

Please < super gross Corporation > selected the style you want, such as (minimum 6pcs, 50X6 = 300. / NT),
If the one-stop shopping 18 (900. / NT) is free shipping
Rest note as & quot; trade policy & quot;

/ Function and size /
Eighteen colleagues primary function is a powerful magnet with a size of 5mm, can absorb about 5 A4 paper. Dimensions average about 3 cm and a thickness of about 4mm.
/ Material Description /
Eighteen bronze body is acrylic material, genuine eighteen bronze powder wipe the whole body has, so of course, have super gross eighteen colleagues follow up ah !!! genuine golden whole very flash, super hair to said feeling a little salty wet, so we are making a little foggy placer effect (acrylic matte paint), so that the golden feels more toned texture. Then, we then have a glass of water 鑚 point mysterious black shining eyes open light, movement and character make the product even more pronounced.
/ Concept /
From owning versatile of & quot; Taiwan timeout, super exercise, and ultra-Yong worker & quot ;, they must have high strength and martial arts (... block stab ...) and strong mental capacity ( face wash to fast peeling was not afraid ....) in order to survive in this competitive society.

We'll martial arts masterpiece & quot; Roar work & quot;, & quot; flash foot & quot;, & quot; Bridge Is Falling & quot;, & quot; lance slight & quot; .. etc. operation, with workers office culture connection with the acts, then these special character and action with humor and anthropomorphic way for creative thinking.
For example, & quot; back door & quot; role: like airborne troops, from the air, you will suddenly come to a flying kick, just as you are still the stars he has a firm grasp of his footsteps. LaoJiangHu: like a martial arts veteran, he showed off his regular boxing skill, solid experienced, if necessary, you can enjoy a few rounds of fist and thought the body. Lackey: always around you spin, like Hu Mei dancing in general, turn your heart dazzled flowers .... !!!

Eighteen colleagues must hold a lot of special skill and courage to challenge this highly competitive environment. Sometimes they need to work to go forward rushing, sometimes need bureaucratic official tone, and secretly climb or others (I trod I step), or even need to buy spring communicative drunk ...... (life Ah ~ ~ ~)
Super Mao eighteen workers colleagues know you hard, although not as certain chicken Clam can help you & quot; LAB & quot ;, liver qi, but they can help you make up a good mood. Our colleagues will accompany you daily challenges of life together, so that each fragment of life fun and exciting, it quickly make super hairy & quot; SUGOI & quot; spirit into you every day for it.
/ Instructions /
Magnet in life very often appears in the & quot; bulletin & quot;, & quot; refrigerator & quot; or & quot; PC & quot; etc. convey the message of the place, so it can be regarded as & quot; convey media & quot ;. So super Mao hoped that through eighteen colleagues magnet & quot; convey & quot ;, can be life size are more interesting incident and in people's minds, feel each other easily face life temperatures. Try to arrange a combination of eighteen colleagues random action, attached to the whiteboard or paper added painting, and they create a more interesting picture and imagine different, let us play live it.
Origin / manufacturing methods
100% Made in Taiwan (Hand made)


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