The Laundress Stain Solution -16 fl. oz. / 475 ml

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Stain Solution Stain Solution The stain remover removes stubborn dirt such as red wine, coffee, and the like that are ne



The Laundress Stain Solution -16 fl. oz. / 475 ml


*Products are limited to Taiwan
Stain Solution Stain Solution - 16 fl. oz. / 475 ml

We all have headaches on the clothes, but now we have found a way to deal with them,
The stain remover removes stubborn dirt such as red wine, coffee, and the like that are newly produced or long-lasting.
This product has no fragrance and can be used in conjunction with any cleaning product.

Suggested use:
Teaching Videos ■
If you accidentally produce stains, use them immediately on the stains and wash them immediately with detergent.
In case of stubborn dirt, use a stain remover on the stain and soak until the stain disappears.
It is recommended to use hot water and repeat if necessary.
Do not put clothing in the dryer unless the stain is removed.

It can remove newly produced or long-lasting stubborn dirt.
The fragrance-free design can be combined with other cleaning products.

The Laundress top natural ‧ clothing maintenance expert from New York

■ Non-toxic. Biodegradable. No allergies

THE LAUNDRESS® comes from the global fashion focus - New York, its high quality classic clothing and home cleaning products, with an elegant and fresh life aesthetics, re-interpreting the most familiar but most neglected clothing and home washing methods for everyone.
THE LAUNDRESS® combines three times of concentrated, high-efficiency cleaning ability to easily remove stains from clothing, and introduces exclusive cleaning products for different fabrics. Its home cleaning series uses natural mild cleansing ingredients to remove dirt and odor. Successfully combines fashion and environmental protection concepts to improve the preservation and maintenance of clothing and home environment.

■Professional background is tailor-made for clothing maintenance

THE LAUNDRESS® was founded in New York in 2004. Brand founders Lindsey Wieber and Gwen Whiting graduated from Cornell University with a background in fabric-related design. More because of his passion for fashion, Lindsey worked as a retail manager for the women's department at CHANEL; Gwen is a senior designer at the Ralph Lauren home collection.
Adhering to the importance and understanding of clothing maintenance, the two experienced the experience of clothing damage caused by cleaning white clothes and chemical dry cleaning, combined with their professional knowledge and mastery of the market, launched THE LAUNDRESS®, a full range of products. All use environmentally friendly materials, do not add any chemicals that are harmful to the human body and clothing, and decompose dirt with natural enzymes to solve the problem of consumers washing in special materials such as wool, silk clothing, denim fabrics and swimwear technology materials. .

■ Professional, safe and stylish best washing recommendations

In view of the fact that most of the washing ingredients on the market contain artificial additives and fluorescent agents, it is not only easy to damage the clothes, damage the skin, but also damage the living environment. THE LAUNDRESS® is a top-level clothing care expert. The full range of products are tested by Lindsey Wieber and Gwen Whiting. The features are as follows:
1. Use environmentally friendly materials
2. No chemical allergens such as phosphide, bleach, preservatives, phthalates, etc.
3. Use pure plant extract formula, it is harmless to the environment
4. The raw materials of the product are harmless to the environment, no pollution, 100% can be decomposed by microorganisms
5. Never use animal fat in clothing soft and fine
6. No animal testing

THE LAUNDRESS®'s high-efficiency cleansing ability makes it even more addictive.
3 times concentrated formula, only need to use one bottle to two caps per time (depending on the amount of laundry), and use "natural enzymes" to decompose dirt, including:
Protein, starch, fat and fiber enzymes can effectively remove foreign dirt such as oil stains, dirt, dirt or cotton wool. The clothes are not only clean but also bright and soft. For those who value the whiteness of their clothes, THE LAUNDRESS® replaces chemical bleach with natural optical emollients to remove yellow dirt and make cuffs, necklines, etc. whiter and newer.

■ Experience a quality lifestyle from cleaning

THE LAUNDRESS® is divided into three series: Laundry Detergent, Fabric Care and Home Cleaning.

For the noble materials, such as: silky clothing with light materials, delicate baby clothes and sweaters that are difficult to clean, denim fabrics, etc., "Clothing Cleaning Series" is maintained at the same time as washing, so that the clothes are not damaged due to improper cleaning. , off-line and so on.
For the dyeing problem of clothing, it is handed over to the specially designed white and dark laundry detergent, which is effective for cleaning the color of the clothing, and achieves the requirements of color protection and bright color. The "Women's Care Series" is mainly based on stain removal, soft clothing and fragrance spray. The natural plant essential oil is used to blend the exclusive aroma. The fresh and clean fragrance makes the clothes have a pleasant and pleasant smell. "Home Cleaning Series" will be " Clean is extended to a variety of uses, such as dishes, mirrors and indoor fragrance sprays. THE LAUNDRESS® is the best endorsement of quality living.
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