Golden mermaid (gold) WL microtip last Flats -Gold Flat

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Golden mermaid (gold) WL microtip last Flats -Gold Flat


Golden mermaid, is our special program, in this plan are met many friends, let us have a dream possible. This will use a single row, the existing leather to plan allocation size, the same, in order to ensure the uniqueness of each pair of shoes leather making mining limits.

This book is not involved in the past in order to meet planned friends, as well as to appreciate you. Although the style is simple, hope u can understand her not simple. Sales We are not strategic, because they can not mass production, in this contemporary environment, we must also strive to focus on the design and development of better shoes. We also thank u support, this time also please be sure to grasp, the original price was 1,980 yuan, pre-order a single row of 1280 yuan (including transportation), with the material plummeted, we are ready to be discontinued. Thank you!

| The concept |
In our eyes, this world is like the sea, and swimming in the sea you, like a mermaid-like beauty, walking in the streets, attracting everyone's attention feet, is our innate charm a woman. Especially the soles showing the concept of a mermaid, as our exclusive recognition designer hair like that when you step out every step of the footprints left by the scales, like the mermaid ashore, show confidence and style.

| Size specifications |
Full size 22 to 26
In order to achieve accurate, reducing the inconvenience, before purchasing can contact designers, we will ask the Master Wei to help you estimate the size of Oh sentence, adding the proper chances. Special foot must inform your own, we are happy to communicate with you.

| Replacement services |
Every transaction a convention like u my sincere motivation is better for you and me. We can only accept replacement size, the commodity is necessary under the new state, and ask you to send the enclosed postage 80 yuan on the back in the box. Look forward to jointly create a favorable environment and interaction Oh, we thank you for.

| Notes |
This shoe is the exclusive development, we recommend that you provide "feet data" to our judgment, to increase the chances Oh right. Everyone will have the chance of foot size. To avoid the parties to the dispute, be sure to "step on the ground" is the right measure of Oh! We try to determine the right size for you. (Feet around the available tape, tape, wire, paper manors into the measuring feet wide and long drawn on A4 paper recoverable measurement) If you fit specific foot type also tell in advance, to avoid the inconvenience of another job on and look forward to jointly create a favorable Interactive Oh, we thank you for.

| Materials |
Carefully selected high-grade synthetic leather, inside, higher latex, high coefficient mermaid non-slip rubber bottom sole, exclusive metal buckles, three hand stitching trim.

Taiwan ** ** WL SHOES +
Half a century of family tradition wisdom
Master Wei producer of handmade shoes
Passing each pair of warm happiness


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