(Valentine's Day gift) Chaos black hand dyed horizontal short clip (can be used for free electric burning English characters 喔)

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If you are purchasing for the first time, please review the precautions for the product content. If you have to receive


(Valentine's Day gift) Chaos black hand dyed horizontal short clip (can be used for free electric burning English characters 喔)


Unknown darkness stained the world. Unclear right and wrong, hiding a lot of tangled secrets. After all, a void, why enter this chaotic black cage.

In all respects, I prefer the horizontal type. In addition to the familiar layout position, the overall appearance is slim and long, and it will not look like a short fat in the general market.

(Because the color is hand dyed, the depth and texture of each dye will be different. If you really want to be dark or shallow, please discuss with the designer.)

Although the pattern is the same but the color is not the same, the overall texture will be completely different!

From dyeing, patterning, and production methods are unique.

Dyeing: The use of acrylic watercolor does not fade, and the natural texture is brushed out. (Because the color is hand dyed, each dye will be different.)

Version: Minimalist style, and breaks the thinking of all the inner layers of long clips.

Production method: using seamless line technology,

I can't see the traces of the seams to achieve a truly minimalist visual effect.

And a waterproof layer is added in the middle for the user to use with peace of mind.

Size: about 12.5 wide, 8.5 thick, 2.7 cm wide, 24.6 wide and 8.5 cm wide

Total: 1 banknote layer, 4 card tickets, one dark layer, one coin purse layer


Cleaning method:
First, use toothpaste with a toothbrush to scrub
Second, use a clean water source that is not tapped
3. Allow the water to evaporate with an electric fan or sunlight, and cover the toilet paper with it, and replace the toilet paper for a while.
Fourth, the hair dryer can be used to strengthen and blow off some dead ends.
5. If the use is damaged or the color is faded, it can be sent back to the designer for processing (requires return shipping)

The five most important points to place an order:

1. Please discuss all the customized content with the designer before placing an order, so as not to cause some problems with your own knowledge.

2. If there is an urgent order or a large number of orders, please discuss with the designer before payment.

3. All questions Whether you are discussing custom content at the outset or receiving any product, please be sure to contact the designer and not communicate with the designer in an imaginative way.

4. If you have an order to pay but do not want to actively communicate with the designer and lend any customer content, don't have any excuse to say how to contact the designer. Designers will no longer use the newsletter to remind them. And in the seven days after the order is placed, you will contact PINKOI to delete the order.

5. The designer will inform the customer of the order date and shipment. If there is no notice, please contact us. Then the item number is in the customer's order system. Please note that the post office is one day and the store is two days.

What is the difference between the color of the product received and the photo?

First, the color of the product itself will be different, for example: chopsticks, spoons.
Second, the designer's camera is too bad, rotten to use PS can not be adjusted to 100%.
Third, the client's screen will also cause color difference.
Fourth, the customized dyeing products, the color and texture of each dyeing will not be exactly the same.

Electric burning precautions

1. If there is more complicated custom content, the designer will provide the layout pattern to the customer, let the customer know the position and proportion.
But it does not mean that 100% will be exactly the same as typesetting, because in the end, it is not the printing that is hand-drawn.
If the designer did not give the layout, please ask.

Second, there is no font type selection because the material and texture of the technology and cloth will not be able to present the font font that the customer wants (please refer to the product image).

Third, if the text is rendered in a similar POP, please provide the image designer to evaluate whether it is possible.

4. Stick to the use of Chinese characters. Please note that the density of the strokes and the texture of the cloth will cause the text to be clear. For example: "The stroke type selects the drawing body...the text is not suitable for electric burning."

Fifth, the font size is about 20, which can only be large or small, because the texture of the cloth will make the text clear.

Sixth, other countries' texts can be customized as long as they meet the precautions. If you are not sure, you can discuss with the designer.

Seven, dark dyed products, will make the text or pattern of electric burning is not obvious (the same as black pen writing on black paper).

Eight, please provide a line pattern with simple lines and no dense lines. (The texture of the cloth will affect)

9. Please don't provide real photos and copyrighted graphics (Stica, LINE maps, trademarks, illustrators' works, etc.) If you don't understand what copyright is, go online and don’t tell designers why other designers I can't do it, and it doesn't mean that I can say that others can reverse me.


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