gold-plated silver-plate chain Ring with lap stone ring (with about 6MM thick)

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gold-plated silver-plate chain Ring with lap stone ring (with about 6MM thick)


Gold-plated chain natural blue pull stone ring (elongated stone about 6MM thick)
gold-plated Silver-plate chain Ring with labradorite, please ask ring size when order
Very fine very beautiful gold-plated chain crystal ring, making it very easy to spend time Oh,
Shop owner love, to 3 days production period, can only use, two with a very beautiful
Material, - gold-plated chain, chain about 1MM thick,

/ Use and maintenance mode /
▲ This section is not recommended long-term gold-plated material Oh!
▲ If you do not care, please wipe dry!
▲ metal parts if the oxidation of faded situation can be wiped with wipe silver cloth
▲ gold-plated material will have oxidation fade phenomenon This is normal Oh! Sure to accept the guests to buy!
▲ natural pearls, natural stone and other natural materials, please use toilet paper or cloth stained with water wipe like! Do not use detergent Oh!
▲ chain fine fine, although the use of Japanese material toughness is quite good, but still please do not pull too much! Oh! Normal use of the situation is no problem!

▲ After placing the order, please be sure to enclose the size of your finger in the note (cm / mm)
▲ each natural stone color depth and texture are different, some will have a small crack or other small flaws, there is no way like artificial machinery produced by the stone as perfect. Finished finished products in the size and shape of natural stone will also have irregular circumstances. So there is no way 100% like the picture of the goods exactly the same Oh!
▲ goods (by its beaded goods) will be different sizes, arranged in accordance with the length of a slight adjustment
▲ As the goods are hand-built, so the length may be completed after the 0.1 ~ 0.3 cm size error, not with the order of the size of the selected size is exactly the same
▲ because the goods are handmade so there will be traces of finished products, there is no way as perfect as the machine Oh!
▲ all the pictures in the picture may be due to light or computer screen resolution and other factors have different color
▲ gold-plated material or bronze material for a long time there will be oxidative fading phenomenon, which is normal Oh! Sure to accept the guests to buy!


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