FUTAGAMI bronze chopsticks holder "crystallization" three into the Brass Chopstick Rests KESSHOU (Crystal)

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Prime Co.

FUTAGAMI bronze chopsticks holder "crystallization" three into the Brass Chopstick Rests KESSHOU (Crystal)


FUTAGAMI - True Tou cast out a century craft On the second, Ltd. was established in 1897 FUTAGAMI (1897), mainly designed to Takaoka copper as the material of fine tableware and household products mainly. Product 2 on the superb technology and beautiful design is known, not only with the actual use, also see the elegant home is used as embellishment. Takaoka copper produced in Japan Takaoka Fuji, is a traditional handicraft origin. Takaoka Bronze accounted for 95% of Japan's bronze production, flexibility of materials not only can be used to manufacture large bronze bell-shaped temple, can also be used to make delicate accessories such as chopsticks holder, bottle opener and so on. In light of the theme, with natural rough Satin brass chopsticks holder. Can be placed conveniently stored in wooden boxes and avoid losing. Put them in your favorite place! A major feature is its brass products annually through the use of color due to the oxidation of those changes, the longer the time, the more subtle changes in wealth, more totally integrated into environment, to develop a unique flavor. http://prime.com.tw/yahoo_img/FUTAGAMI_Brass_Chopstick.jpg / Designer / Daiji the Code OJI Masanori - & quot; I designed for life & quot; Daiji the Code (Architect / Graphics Designer / Technical Designer) think things should not be designed, the last to be discarded, hoping to generation to generation so with a sense of care to use it. 97 years after graduation, he first entered the architectural firm, and later into the graphic design firm, founded in 1999, "msg." (EVAL Rousseau EVAL su ji have), and other designers to play with graphic design, but want to make a living props design idea more and more intense, so the private part in some design competitions designed life props, groping their own imagination to life props design, and finally in 2004 the base moved from Hiroshima to Tokyo, founded his own design firm, "Oji & amp; Design. " Dodge will typically designed goods, not simply just focus on the visual beauty of the product itself or material selection, but the product itself with him behind manufacturing, environment, etc. together on the design in consideration. Combining traditional construction methods and modern life design, Dodge will typically bring a new flavor to Japanese technology, has become influential Japanese designer. / Size / w45 x d24 x h12 mm / Material / True Tou (brass) / Operate and maintain / Brass oxidized over time, which may produce patina (patina is also non-toxic to the human body without injury), this is a natural phenomenon. Natural Cleaning: After the vinegar mixed with salt geometric, dissolved in a mixture of cloth dipped in vinegar and salt, to wipe patina, the last wash with detergent, dry cloth to dry. / Origin / Japan http://prime.com.tw/yahoo_img/prime_collection_FUTAGAMI.jpg


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